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Surgery looking less & less likely

I had my swallow study yesterday and it doesn't look as though Chiari is the source of the problem, more likely it's GERD which I have had for some time. So at this point, with no syrinx, no tethered cord, and no evidence that my swallowing issues are Chiari related, my guess is that next week my NS will advise against surgery. I am OK with this altough I have had a Chiari headache for about 6 days now...nothing seems to be working, not even my usual stand-by, Excedrin. I am also having a lot of colored blobs in my vision, which are different from my usual migraine aura.  Some dizziness, but not too bad.

So I am worndering for those who have not had surgery or even those who have, is there any effective medication out there for headache pain relief?  What have you tried, what works/doesn't and are there side effects to be concerned about?

Thanks all, wish me luck next week with the NS!
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  Many with Chiari have GERD, it is an issue many have as a result so do not get too discouraged...my swallow study did not show nething either....and I was choking all the time....

Do u know if u have a hiatal hernia?...did they determine the root cause of ur GERD?

  And did they put u on meds and a modified diet?...and lifestyle?
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I have a hiatal hernia, GERD, IBS, chronic gastritis and b12 deficiency. In 2010 I had an endoscopy and my gastro doc stretched my esophagus at that time, but it looked yesterday like food was still getting stuck lower in my esophagus. So I will have to let him know about that. I also have malabsorption issues, had my gall bladder out in 2007 because it basically stopped functioning at all.

Occasionally when the GERD/Gastritis flares I take omeprazol (prilosec) for a few weeks until it calms down.  I try to avoid fatty foods and maintain a pretty healthy diet. I supplement with b12 and vitamin d in addition to multi-vitamins.
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  Sounds like u need magnesium too...a low dose...it can help the IBS issues...and sounds like u may have EDS...a hiatal hernia is a good indication, not that all with one has it, but u have chiari so I would deff get checked.Malabsorption is another EDS issue....

The meds for GERD deplete our system  of magnesium and will not allow the body to absorb and use the vit D as it should, u also need the magnesium.....talk to ur Dr....

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I take fioricet and norco every 4 hours and it does reduce the ha and neck pain.  This is what my ns put me on.  Did you have cine flow checked?
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No I haven't had the CINE flow checked - should I ask that it be done before we rule out surgery?
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  That is the determining factor, if u have a CSF obstruction and symptoms...not the herniation length......
A CINE MRI is something most chiari specialist do to see  if the CSF that is getting thru pulsates with ur BP....that also indicates that the MRI which r still pics do not show everything going on,. it can appear CSF is getting thru, but in that point in time the pic was taken, how about a few secs later?....it is something that can be ever changing as well so taking a movie in real time can help.
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