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Symptoms worse when sick

hey guys, quick question.  Does anyone notice symptoms worse when you are sick?  The stomach flu is in the family and of course i am right smack in the middle of it.  I am on the mend and feeling better but it seems some symptoms have intensified.  Not sure if progression or simply from being sick.  The biggest thing i notice is the muscle fatigue.  I was bent over petting my cat and my back felt like i went thru a 3 hour workout.   Also...is heat ok when my muscles feel like that?  

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  Yes,this is a typical situation when a Chiarian is ill....symptoms will worsen.

It depends if ur muscles are tight  heat should be helpful but not more then 15 mins at a time....and ice is used if they were swollen....again only 15 mins at a time.

With the fatigued muscles I found a good soak in the tub is helpful.

Keep in mind we are all different as to what works, so u may want to try heat and if no results try ice....

Hope u feel better soon.
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Thanks selma.  I do think some of this is from being sick.  Does the muscle fatigue also come and go like other symptoms.  I have noticed an increase overall in the last month so plan on bringing it up to docs.  Haven't had all the testing yet to confirm anything other than chiari.  And since i am still new i dont have the long term experience with it yet to know this is part of the cycle.
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  For me it did,  we are all different and it may be one of ur issues, mine is tied to the fact I also have EDS, which can also cause muscle fatigue.....so, for those that do not have EDS along with Chiari I am not sure if they experience muscle fatigue or if they have unDX'd EDS,....

And much of my symptoms be they Chiari, EDS, TCS they all seemed to cycle for me.

Make sure they rule out ALL the related condition as they not only affect u now with symptoms but can affect how u heal should u have surgery.....

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What is eds and what is the treatment?  I have seen your posts about all other related conditions so plan on bringing them up.  I would like to believe all ns's would rule out everything too so they no what they are up against.   Just doesn't seem right any other way.   Its amazing how many symptoms i have been living with and blaming on old age.  I just read an old thread about tired arms when blowing hair dry....a lightbulb just went off in my head.  I have been dealing with this for several years but didn't think anything of it.  Anyway thank you as always for your answers and support.
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  EDS is a connective tissue disorder which many with Chiari have....and some have and are not aware of it....there are several types, most common is hybermobile type with soft skin, easy to bruise, slow to heal, joints that can move out of position, (some call this being double jointed) the whites of the eyes(sclara) are tinted blue,

We can develop allergies to meds even after taking them successfully for a long period....and can reject foreign matter, and with the slow healing u can see y it is important to know b4 surgery is even considered.

We do have a EDS group here on MH and I have posted links to video's that better explain EDS.

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