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Today I went with my NS, and he said that my AC ist not causing my symptoms, because my hedaches are not in the back of my head all the  time. They are usually in the front and top of my head, and it goes close to my ear ..... He said that the pain in my neck, my back, and the things I feelings in my throat are not related with AC. He wants me to go back to my Neurologist, so she can treat me with medicine for migraines.

I have a lot o pain in many parts of my body, and some times I feel so dizzy, but in this point I dont know what to think, maybe my AC of 9mm is not a big deal and all is in my head or maybe is realy a bad migraines like my husband said.

I am so confuse, and I should be happy for what the Dr. said, but one part of me is not, because migraines doesn[t explaine all my symptons.

have a good day,
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I have Chiari and never had the typical back of the head headaches. I've always had migraines, before and after decompression surgery in 09. I think Chiarians are more prone to migraines too.
I had trouble swallowing pills pre surgery. Post surgery my throat feels very different. Now I have to be careful that food doesn't slip down without me swallowing. I swallowed a plum stone without realizing it. Not sure which way was better ...
My herniation was 5mm and my NS thought many of my symptoms were from Chiari, despite the lack of typical headaches. My surgery fixed 80-90% of my issues (at least for now!)

May be time for a new doctor for you ...
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

It sounds like u might have a non chiari specialist trying to help u, This is one of the problems going to drs, many feel since they went to a NL or NS that they should know how to treat chiari and that would be great if they all did, but this is the real world where many of the drs r taught old out dated info.....

U need addition  testing to see if u have a CSF obstruction and over crowding....and a good dr will take it from there and do more testing to rule out other conditions.

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Hello and welcome!  Sorry you are going thru this.  Please know that you are not alone.  Most of us have had to go thru the same things and gotten what we call the "Royal Chiari Runaround".  It is really sad what we have to go thru to get proper treatment.  You are absolutely correct that you know your body and whether or not a diagnosis of migraines makes sense with your symptoms.  Follow Selma's advice and find a true Chiari specialist.  You will be amazed by the difference.  You will not need to prove your symptoms are Chiari related.  Most of us share similiar symptoms and Chiari specialists will be able to recognize them for what they are.  

I wish you all the best.  Try to stay strong and hang in there.  Keep us posted.

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Thanks, This mean a lot for me. Some times I just need to know taht some one belive what exactly I feel.

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