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Hey all ,
To those of you out there who have a TENS UNIT, Does it help ? and where did you get it?  Make and model cost???? ANY feedback at all would be greatly appreciated...I am considering getting one and want to try it since I havent tried that yet....
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Hi Devin...I am bumping this up as I know there are a few members that do use a tens unit.....one just started using one...I hope u get a reply and please share ne info on this u find.

: )

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I just got one last week. I asked my neurologist about it and they sent me to the pain clinic. They wanted to try other things too, but I told them I just wanted to try the TENS for now. They sent it to me by mail and the company called to tell me how to use it. It is really simple. I am supposed to wear it for 8 hours a day in the begining and then whenever I need it. I can say that it is helping. It is a comfortable sensation and it distracts my awareness from the head pressure. I also know that when I take it off I feel pretty bad, so it does help having it on. Since I have met my deductible it will be covered under my insurance. I believe it is around $600. I would definetly try one if you have good insurance. You could just ask your doctor about it and they should be able to set you up. It is very small and clips on my pants so I can wear it all day. The company mine is through is S. A. Maher, INC. I hope this helps.
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Thanks for the reply! Yesterday I requested an appointment with the physical medicine department head DR who specializes in neurological chronic and new problems and muscularskeletal issues also. He is very busy I guess because the call center appointment rep could not see his calendar so they sent over an email reuqsting an appointment and 2nd opinion for me. I also emailed my regular dr and told him to collaberate with my NS to develop a plan for me. Once I hear back from them I will request one. Thanks again! Anyone else have any feedback on their TENS UNIT?
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I have just finished trialing a TENS machine...my PT's advice was to rent one until I knew whether I liked it or not.

What I found was it you have one spot that really spasms..it does help a little(like my lower back) but I have such widespread pain that the only way it would be really effective for me is to have about 10 of them strapped to me. Plus, for some reason mine kept shocking me which wasn't that pleasant. I didn't find a huge amount of relief for me so I have decided that it isn't worth it for me to purchase one. Using it didn't get rid of the hard knots or relieve the pain once I took it off (it feels good while it's on though). So..I have decided to stay with trying the Gabapentin for now and perhaps trialing Lyrica...unfortunately the meds seem to be the only thing helping me right now...

I would do what I did and try and find someplace that rents them first and try it for a month. My PT told me that it doesn't always help everyone...so not to put out the money till I was sure.

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Thanks for letting us know there is an option of renting one.

I hadn't heard that before. Will definitely check into that.
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Thanks I will look into that also....It is better to try it before you buy it! Especially with the cost of those things!
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