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The most awfull head pain ever

Hi guys sorry not been here much lately I've just had 4 days of sheer head pain, I was laid up and literally coul not move my head to talk eat or anything,  I couldn't lay with my head to the pillow either as it felt like one giant bruise , tramadol/paracetamol/codeine did not even touch it... I'm on beta blockers that are ment to prevent all this,bit worried cause that was just SO painful it was unreal, I wonder if it could just be a freaky headache or should I tell the NL??? I can not describe how much pain I was in,,I remember thinking if it lasts one more day I'm off to the hospital.  
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Please see a neurologist as soon as possible.
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Sounds like we're in the same boat. I'd had gone to the ER last night if I thought they could actually do anything to help me. Today is just slightly better, an 8 instead of 9 on the pain scale.
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The problem with going to the ER is u get a band aid, not a big chance of finding a Chiari dr there....and u get a mush bigger bill to pay......

Like Jenny said, if u knew they could actually help....but many times they can not.....

I am so sorry u r having the pain .....I so understand it....wish I could take it from u.

feel better
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So sorry you are struggling Honey, hope you a little better today with your HA but noticed your status pain in legs!!!

Try hot bath for pain Tayla it was only thing that eleviated my pain and gave me some relief for a few hrs, I had constant horrific pain that lasted over 10 weeks, I'd of said about 8 on pain scale out of 10, I could hardly walk so no just what you experiencing.

Stay strong hun.

Niki x x
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hi tayla!  i don't think we've met yet, so please allow me to welcome you belatedly to our chiari family!  i think we all here can say that we know the pain you are talking about and have experienced it ourselves.  it's not fun, to say the least.  and i see that you live in the uk which makes it even harder for you to get refered to a specialist.  i'm so very sorry for your struggles!  before i had my surgery, about the only thing that ever really helped me was heat and laying down.  when the pain was intolerable, i would have someone gently lift up on my head and hold it there for a bit.  in my case, i believe it was enough to allow the csf to get thru and it relieved the pain/pressure.  even if only for a moment, it was a welcome relief.  life niki said, a good hot soak does wonders for the legs!  you may also have fibromyalgia and might want to mention the possibility to your dr as there are meds that can help with this. if you have access to a whirlpool or hot tub, that would be great!  just take ear plugs as some of us are hypersensitive to sound and the noise can not only be painful but drive you batty!
look forward to getting to know you better and sharing in your journey!
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