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Tips for losing belly fat?

I'm sure your all aware crunches are practically impossible with our conditions.  I was wondering if anyone has successfully banished belly fat post-op?  I had a c-section one year prior to my craniotomy, so it's been really hard to loose the weight.  My bike has been great for my legs, but has done nothing for my mid-section.  Thanks! :^)
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  Thanks for sharing that tidbit, I am having difficulty finding it locally...not sure I want to order it over the net.,...

Do look at our Wednesday thread, we do have some exercises posted that we should all be able to at least try.....

Some of the problems many of us with chiari have is we also have auto immune condition called Hashimoto's thyroiditis....this can affect our weight , going up and down with out change to diet or exercise....so it can make this even more of a task.

Again thanks for the tip on the raspberry keytone, if I ever find it I will take with food : )
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Hi I am doing the raseberry ketone. I have to watch taking it because it will make your stomache hurt when takening it on an emity stomache.
I am planning to start working on exercise with my 17 yr old daughter. She is so fit. I have to watch to what I take because of my headache problems.
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Are you using a stationary bike, or doing cycling classes?  I find those to be the most intense work out ever!  You may not realize how much you are using your stomach muscles, but you are, not to mention all the fat burning!  Keep it up, you will see improvements!
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  Hi...not really, we do have exercises for those of us with limitations in doing reg exercises, that thread is on Wednesday,....so u can always take a look....but we have yet to get that belly fat to go newhere on me.,...lol...

I am looking for raspberry keytones it is supposed to help and all natural, I am still researching it, but if this helps I will let u know as I expect u to do if u find something : )
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