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U know U have the wrong DR when~~~~~

Ok...this is like the other thread u know u have chiari when.....

complete the sentence and release ur frustrations....Drs seem to be a topic lately and I figure lets let out some steam....and have fun doing it lol......
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...everybody keeps telling u ur problems are all of stress and anxiety...and not listening to ur symptoms neither to the fact that u have been rushed to emergency several times...
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..... When he comes into the room with his laptop with an open google search "what is chiari maformation" he then sits on the edge of your bed and reads off his laptop trying to sound smart abd proceeds to tell u what google has told him - u sit there thinking I've been on that website and every other one - u just think do u want me to tell u what it us then doc?
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LMAO omg, you made me laugh so hard i cried!

Doc looks at your records and says "youve been on pain killers and I do not condone that for someone with -headpain- (very accented) so no more of those, if you think your head hurts take tylenol... now...  why dont we get a ct of your sinuses, i think that might be the problem"
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You want to stab them in the eye with the reflex hammer........

Or chase them down the hall and throw a fit in the hall way waiting room to get them to call you fat and answer your questions.  Lol

Selma.  I love this post   Lol
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When your mom has to tell you to go stand in their office all day everyday until they will see you and answer your questions instead of avoiding you!
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You can peform the little routine without them prompting you ........ You know the one..... "pull my fingers, push my hands, puff out your cheeks, follow this pen with your eyes, reflex tests"

They then scratch their head when u have "passed" The test..... They had no clue what's wrong with u and now you "passed" all the tests they really have no clue ........

Love this thread !
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  don't u love the fat excuse ???  im so tired of it i lost 40 lbs went to pt joined the gym  let's see what their excuse is now
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  you know when you have the wrong doctor when he tells you, you will never be the same again and sends you to a shrink, then 4 months later he say's are you ready top go back to work
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Lmao.   Mine said a shrink is my only hope when I said my pills cause me anxiety............   Lol. I love it.    

You know you have the wrong doc when he pronounces it cherry malformation. Than after you correct him.  Changes it to cerebral ectopia.  Lmao.    
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Or when youre doctor that made ''so much'' reading about it calls it ''she ari'' malformation. And then tells you voila that wath cause you to be dissy and pass out, now try to relax and it will be all better!
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  When the receptionist asks u to "spell it again, and once more,  sorry just one more time, and what is that exactly", u know that office is not familiar with Chiari....
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U know you have the wrong doctor when it's your ninth appointment and he asks you to describe your symptoms exactly .... And after you have he replies 'are you under a lot of stress?' you kindly say no none at all when really you are screaming inside "yes, I am stressed, you are the cause of all of my stress! And even if you wernt my stress I still have a headache!"

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  Thought it was time to resurrect this thread.....neone have  a way to complete the thought.....

  U know u have the WRONG Dr When,........
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When the doctor does a quick version of a neuro exam without you leaving the examing table and than says you don't need surgery because none of your always misdiagnosed symptoms are related. She kept asking if it was liquid coming back up when I complained of vomiting. That's why I still don't have a nl.
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When the doc you're seeing says "Don't worry, in 15 to 20 years your brain MIGHT shrink due to the aging process -- so you don't need surgery!"  15-20 YEARS???? Would he like to have the HAs I have for that length of time???!!!
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When you tell your Dr your son is having black outs, blurred vision, neck pain, and loss of bladder control.  All you want is a MRI and he says "keep an eye on him and let me know."
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when the DR tells you that Chiari has nothing to do with the brain!! Having only heard of Budd-chiari, and you hav to google it on your phone becasue when he uses his laptop it doesnt show anything because he spelled it
Or when your Dr says, here is what the MRI says you have( ap printout from web-md, with 6 lines on Chairi). Sorry but, I have never heard of this and I am dismissing you from my practice, because I can't treat you for this. She did not even refer me to someone or give me the name of a NL or NS. Nope, just this is very rare disease and you must have ssurgery for it. Can you imagine how I felt when I left that office, with a two hour ride back home, jsut me and the 3 kids??
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When your doctor goes to wikipedia for information on Chiari. Lucky me I was seeing a endocrinologist that did that.
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When the first words out of the NL's mouth when he walks in the door are "I don't know why you were referred to me when you should have been referred straight to the NS but I guess I can take a look."

Then continues on saying "I'd be more than happy to oversee all of your health care surrounding your Chiari however, I don't fill out paperwork for short-term disability, worker's comp, etc."

And then only asks about 2 of the 30+ symptoms you've checked on the "oh-so-important" patient questionnaire and promptly dismisses most of it as vitamin deficiencies (which you were just tested for and he has those results sitting right in front of him).
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  Bumping up for our newbies to see how we vent...lol...
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When they do not do a thorough neuro exam
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When YOU have to explain to THEM what chiari is.
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Or when they call chiari one arnold chiari malformation.
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When You go into the NL with an independent person from patient advocacy to get answers once and for all.
He gives the usual run a round with 'it's all in his head'. (no... the shrinks YOU sent us to say it's all medical)
'It's probably a phase he's going through'.. (No... It's a horrible phase of not knowing that we are going through)
'He's stressed'.. (Yep.. he's stressed.. everytime we walk into your office and you tell him it's all in his head!!)
'Operation could make him worse'.... (Operation for what if you say he has no symptoms?!?!?!)
'You probably know more about Chiari than i do'... (OH yeah.. you got one right Doc!!!)
'If it was Chiari causing his problems he would have a learning disability' (!?!?!?)
And then finally.... 'I'm finished here.... I'm referring him on' (You should have seen the independents face... she almost past out. She told me to keep fighting!! )
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