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Update on Sexybare....Dana

I offered to keep everyone informed about Dana as she is close to where I live.  Her fiance just let me know that her surgery went well she is in a lot of pain. Dr Oro opened her dura cauterized her tonsils placed the mesh plate in and had to remove more bone to give more space. I will keep everyone up to date as I learn more, I plan on going to meet her in hospital on Wednesday which I am so excited about!!!
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Thanks for the update! I'm so glad to hear! Positive thoughts her way!!!
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Please give Dana (((hugs))) from me!!! I am praying for her still!! keep us posted!!
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I'm so glad your surgery is complete:) Enjoy the strolls in the hall with the beautiful bird picture on the wall.  (I wanted to take it home lol). Hugs and prayers!
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So happy to hear that the surgery went ok,

keeping you in my prayers Dana :)

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Great News! Sounds like she needed extra space and I'm hoping that will help with the symptoms she was having!  Got my purple on for her!  Will keep her in my thoughts for the next few days.  Cash, you will love meeting another Chiarian. I met Amy after her DC since we live in the same state. It was very educational for my hubby as well. Its strange how you can meet someone you never knew and feel such a connection with them! Enjoy your visit and give her a gentle hug!
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yeeeaaahhhh....so nice to hear that.thank you so much...i am so positive about the outcome!!!!
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  Thank u sooooo much for the update on Dana !!

And please give her a hug from me when u get to meet her and send well wishes and  <3
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