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Hi All...lets get started...first who all wants to participate?

U do not need to tell us ur weight or how much u want to lose, but u may want to get the tracker up and running so u can track ur progress.

SO...post ur name and if u want to participate in a diet modification/exercise program for those with limitations.

    and hopefully we can support each other as we shed weight....and feel stronger with out pain : )
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I'm in!
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I'm in!
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  Only 2??? I thought we would have more....

  Ok...?- do either  of u have IBS issues?...GERD?

  More than 10 lbs to lose

   more than 20lbs to lose?

Still have balance issues?

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No IBS or GERD...Hiatal hernia and Esophogeitis.
Wayyyyy more than 20lbs to lose.
Balance is pretty good.
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Guess some moral support might help me too :)  I would LOVE to lose 20 pounds!  I still have balance issues from the 3rd surgery.  Probably a good place to start would have been skipping the giant blueberry muffin I just ate :)
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Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes...how awful lol

I also have a problem with cardio exercises but BP meds are improving it.  I just ordered a bike trainer for my mountain bike so hopefully that will help me this winter!
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Count me in!!!!

I have Gerd and Hiatal hernia. And I want to lose at least 50 pound!
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  Ok...is everyone eating healthy?

      If u have GERD, r u following  the correct diet?

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I've been working on eating healthier.

- Limited amount of bread, whole grain (I can't do wheat, gross)
- Rarely pasta
- Nothing fried, cook with olive oil if necessary
- Very little, if any, red meat.  Lots of chicken and pork, and some turkey.
- Lots of fruit.  I usually eat some with breakfast and maybe as late night dessert
- Veggies I'm picky about.  I put spinach on nearly everything and have spinach salads, also lots of tomatoes and peppers
- Lots of seasoning makes everything taste great!
- Always eat breakfast
- I have a 32oz water jug and try to hit the 64oz everyday.  Some days it's easy, some days not!
- Portion control is a side effect of my medication, conveniently

My weakness is soda.  I have usually no more than two 12oz per day, but the caffeine helps my headaches a lot so sometimes it's more.  I tried coffee but it makes me feel sick, and caffeinated tea (hard to find!) didn't seem to work.

Would love any further diet advice!  I tried to get in to see a nutritionist, but my ins would not cover.

I don't have GERD, but likely have IBS...diet changes have made it slightly better, but still a big problem.  I was told metamucil would help and also kill late night cravings, so I will let you know.
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   What meds is everyone on?....has neone been on an antibiotic recently?

  Probiotics r helpful for those with IBS as is supplementing magnesium.

  Eating a diet with the right amount of fiber helps as well : )

  Soda, is not good for u, too much sugar.....I understand u want the caffeine but, would advise against about the 2 per day. JMHO

   I am amazed at the improved sleep, and how my IBS is since adding the probiotics and magnesium.

Please speak with ur PCP b4 adding ne supplements as they may have a adverse reaction to other meds u may be on.

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Count me in.  I have gained 20 lbs since my surgery last year.  I think it had a lot to do with the Lyrica I was taking and the pain clinic just changed this to Keppra and hopefully this will help.  I am a walker, and I try to get out at least 3 times a week and walk at least 2 to 3 miles.  My weakness is pop. (diet) but I am alway's drinking it. I know it's not good for me and I don't drink that much water.   Also my nightly ice cream.  I acturally ran out last night so I won't buy any more.  I love having all of you for support.
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I will start my magnesium back up.  Dr had give it to me for headaches but since it didn't help, I stopped taking...but I never considered it might be helping my stomach issues.

linnielou232, do you get headaches from walking?  If so, what did you find to help you??  I used to go on walks but at some point it started killing my head.  I have to wear heavily padded shoes to even go grocery shopping.
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