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Wait A second MVA makes it worse?

I was in a MVA and I told the insurance I was fine but my dizzy spells went up and stronger. I was told by my primary's pa that she knew it was my ears because she saw it before and she had me do exercises and if I didn't improve (in three weeks I think it was) she'd send me to the ENT. When I saw my primary he wouldn't send me. Does MVA's cause worsening of symptoms? The tires broke in the middle of the freeway and let's just say it was a matter of luck no one driving 80 miles per hour hit our car driving 80 while swearving to the right. Dad was driving. We haven't driven my car farther than bakersfield since.
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Yes I have read that MVA an bing on chiari symptoms or make them worse.  It also can cause a change to the neck curvature which is painful.  (whiplash) Also if you have related issues like EDS where discs are prone to issues it can increase those symptoms at well.  I say you need to see your chiari Dr and new scans are needed to see exactly what has changed.  Sorry about your accident and feeling bad:(
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  Yes this is something I have said many times, and something that my friend just experienced and needed surgery for a fusion as a result of a MVA,.....

Ne head trauma, a fall, MVA, a hard cough or sneeze can trigger things to worsen.

As Mel mentioned the loss of cervical lordosis can be the result of whip lash and in itself very painful, I know as I had this from whip lash and an accident that went undx'd for 14 yrs....even tho I told the Dr..

It is crazy stuff, but our neck is the weakest area and we have to try and protect it...even more with an issue like chiari.
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To Ryan: I had my most recent mri scans of the cervical post mva.

To Selma: I just saw the post to someone else before I posted that you explained what mva means.

Does this by any chance mean I can get the car insurance to pay for my medical bills as a result. We already met the premium.
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  Not sure as it can be difficult especially if they say it is a congenital condition....if they find u had chiari and it was acquired then u may have more of a chance getting it covered....it also depends on how long after the MVA this all took place and if u have it all documented.
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I have it documented but my mris in 09 (pre mva) show it as well.
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