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Wednesday's Weight In~~~~~

Hi All...lets get started...first who all wants to participate?

U do not need to tell us ur weight or how much u want to lose, but u may want to get the tracker up and running so u can track ur progress.

SO...post ur name and if u want to participate in a diet modification/exercise program for those with limitations.

    and hopefully we can support each other as we shed weight....and feel stronger with out pain : )
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I'll join you!
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  I have an older thread and I can post some of the exercises we did last yr....I post the weekly threads during the school yr as that seems to be when we have more activity.

R u more concerned with diet or exercise?
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  Hi all I made the yellow cake and pumpkin muffins....soooo very yummy only 2 left tho : (
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  Ok waiting to hear what this group is looking for diet and exercise wise so I can add.....
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Hi Selma!  I would like to share Chris Adams F.U.E.L website http://www.thefuelfitness.com/.
This is a man that is a fitness trainer and also raises monies and awareness for chiari!  He is true cheerleader of chiarians and is inspired by what we go thru daily to push him to do what he does better!  He has a facebook page as well.  
Being fed up with everyting I cant do  I have been walking on my treadmill daily, now only up to 45 min. and 2 miles.  I'm not sure it is doing anything physically yet, but I love how encouraging Chris has been.
I am by no means encouraging anyone to start a work-out routine, but was just so excited that there is a trainer out there that understands chiari. Thought maybe we all could check out his site and encourage him in supporting us!
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Thanks for posting about FUEL! From his page I linked to the Chiari Warriors' facebook page -- SO inspiring!
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  This is wonderful that he supports Chiari and Chiari research.....what I am concerned about is his type of exercise he offers as he states he believes in resistance training, for those of us with EDS this is not a good way to go...and I appreciate ur sharing this info......

I do feel we can use the Dr on the site here to offer exercises for us, and we can also develop a diet for our individual situations....

  Don't get  me wrong there r some of us that may be able to participate in some of what he does, and some that would not ....so I just want to caution neone looking at the site to consider  if u r newly dx'd wait until u have ruled out all related issues and if u r recently decompressed, wait until u r healed.

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I agree Selma! And I do believe he customizes the work outs for each person, as he also trains many non-chiarians.  By no means did I  mean that I thought everyone should jump on board and start a program.  I honestly dont know how Kalyn does what she does, but simply thought how great that he is out there educating others.  
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  I deff agree with u. I just wanted to make sure that others also know that there r other issues we can have in addition to Chiari and I do not know if this person knows about all of them,

Although I am impressed in his generosity and willingness to help.

  My immediate plan is to try and find what people need in exercise and diet so we can get a new thread started.....

I have a Dr that helps with the exercises I post keeping in mind all limitations, including those recently post op , and those with EDS...etc...

  We all r at diff levels and I am just trying to find what the need is at this point for the group we have now.

Thanks again for sharing that info as I find it so inspiring that someone is so willing to help : )
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  Ok...so what r u all looking for...or should I let this drop?
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Personally, I would prefer book/movie recommendations.  I always keep a list, then frequently misplace it, lol.

Or, crafts?  I recently looked at a book on holiday decorations, & some were easy and/or unique.  Not the 3 story ginger bread house a la Martha Stewart!
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