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Wednesday's Weight Inn ~~~~ 2013

Hi All...lets get started...first who all wants to participate?

U do not need to tell us ur weight or how much u want to lose,u may just want to weight in on current events in the news or on a topic Chiari related.....  

We can also bond over weight loss trials and tribulations as well.....recipes will still be a thread on Thursdays.....

It seems no one was into the exercises for those with limitations.....but if neone is...u can post here about that too....
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  Hi all...I guess we have a few newbies that do not know about our daily threads on the weekdays...ne questions...please ask
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I've actually lost more weight than I wanted to. With my swallowing issues eating is such a chore. :( Can't afford to lose anymore.
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Hi Selma,
I am interested in the weight in. I am and have always been weight countious,lol. I am not a big person, nor do I wish to be, but I find it very hard to excercise, I have tried various things and they all seem to be too much for me. They all make my head feel as if it will exzplode, i get dizzy, etc. But I can walk!!! LOL, wish could do more than that, do you have any suggestions or is there something you have found you can tolerate that may work for some of the rest of us? And do you also struggle with the same things as far as the exercise goes?
Thanks for your input.
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I've been shedding weight since surgery (6 mo.).  I feel like my metabolism has returned more to normal, but my stamina has not!  So I feel ambitious & restless, but if I do too much, then I feel sick.

I intend to find the discipline to practice qigong or yoga.  I feel like I have to hustle to fit it into my day, andI'm not ready to move fast, especially when I don't sleep well.

Have you tried an arthritis-type exercise class in a pool?   It was too slow for me--I got cold--but dressing & undressing, showering & showering, driving & driving was exhausting.
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  I do have some exercises for those interested  given to me by a Dr for those with limitations...Chiari does limit what we can do,, and I explained to him the situation and gave me exercises he felt we should be able to do.....

I will start posting them here for those that want to follow and for those losing weight and not doing much to do so, except for those not eating right....try Boost or Insure to get the protein u need ...but talk to ur Dr first.

And if u r eating and losing look at the possibility of a thyroid issue, make sure they do an ultra sound of ur throat and do lab work for an auto immune thyroid which inculdes free T3 and free T4 TPO antibodies and TSH.
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I need to lose weight!!! But it doesn't work!!!
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