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What happens when you go to the ER?

Last week I saw my pcp for stress/exhaustion/pain, because I am pushing myself way beyond my boundaries--I am moving next week.  He prescribed clonazepam (in addition to the hydrocodone I'm already taking).  Oh, and bed rest--sick joke, right.
A week later, I still cannot get the pain level down, and am still exhausted & stressed. I'm actually hyperventilating.  I have been forced to bed rest; had no other option.

I just wonder if the ER would be helpful at all.  If the pain is reduced, that would at least reduce the physical stress.  And perhaps document why we won't be ready by closing.
Or will they suspect drug-seeking?
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  Hi....refresh my memory have u had surgery for Chiari? If so how long ago?

The problem with the ER is yes, they will give u pain meds, but if u need to have surgery the more pain meds u r on now u will build a tolerance to it and they will not be effective for u at the time of surgery...leaving u in more pain then u can imagine.

The ER will bandage u....stop the pain, but will not look into y u hurt....they will call ur Drs for info....and work with them.

I had one experience with the ER when I went in they put me on a pain med, one I had b4 but when they discharged me, the RX was for a med I can not take...so I had to go to my PCP to get the right script.....it was helpful for the moment, but not for long term help.
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I had PFD surgery with Dr. Rosner 2 yrs ago next month.
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Ok...I thought u did...

May I ask, what DX they feel is causing the continued pain?

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IMO, it's over work & exhaustion--I've been packing up the house to move, next week!  I think it fired up those nerves that were compressed before surgery.  In retrospect, we should've hired a moving company to do the packing, but honestly, it never occurred to me.
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  yes that would do it....the thing is u do not feel well and yet u have a move ahead of u...do not lift...and try not to stress...I know easier said then done....

I know it is so easy to over do as we feel we can do more since we do feel better post op....the only thing is some times little things  can cause a flare of symptoms and issues and some times larger things do not...it is hard to know what we do,  will affect us....keeping in mind stress can also cause a flare....

I hope u have people willing to help with the move so u can sit and direct....
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