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What is your Chiari family history?

My question is pretty basic. Who in your family has Chiari? Or are you the only one?

I was diagnosed at 16 with Chiari. I soon had a son, and at 4 years old he was diagnosed with Chiari and syringomyelia. While pregnant with my second child, they did extensive Ultrasounds to look for signs of chiari, and  said they believed she would have it. But the last month of pregnancy they found none. She is 2 and has not been diagnosed and has not shown signs. With my 3rd child they did the same ultrasounds, and could see nothing. Recently he fell and hit his head, on a wim they gave him an MRI and seen he too has chiari, and also cervical spinal edema at only 11 months old. I am nervous for his future since he is already having spinal edema so young.

I am hoping that them being males, they will not carry it to their children. Does that make sense? I wish they knew more about Chiari :(
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  Keep in mind MRI's were not used for general DX until the late 1980's and the cost so high they were not in common use until the late '80's early 90's.....

So even for myself a MRI was not offered until the mid 90's....so...with that in mind u can see y it is difficult to know if older family members may have had it or if they have it now...my dad just turned 80 and refuses to find out....

I too strongly believe it is passed in families and I know it is a subject of research...no conclusions yet.
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I 100% believe chiari is passed down through genes ., though there is no confirmation on this from researchers.

None in my family seems to have chiari or any other related neurological problems

or should I say they have not been dxed since there was no need for them till now  to consult neurologists on the chiari or related subject .

However I feel confirmed that it is passed genetically ., If not my immediate family i feel that there is a confirmed  possibility that some one in the earlier generations should have had it

I feel that since there were no proper  dx facilties it might not have been dxed exactly and they might not have known that they had chiari .
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Chiari type. 1 - me, my daughter
Related Clipel File syndrome. - granddaughter
Related Pituitary lactaid tumor - other daughter
Related? Brothers with Multiple aneurysms

You tell me
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  Hi so far I am the only one in my family DX'd with this, but I do feel my dad has it as his brother has a son with spina bifida and his other son had a DD that died shortly after birth with SB too.....SB is closely related to Chiari and tethered cord,...so I am leaning toward both my dad and his brother passing this along....sorry.JMHO
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