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What medicines are you currently taking to treat Chiari?

What medicines are you currently taking to treat Chiari?

This was posted in 2009; however, I am curious what the newbies are taking. Please let me know if I should add or delete some of the choices. Thanks.
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I also am taking flexeril, nortryptoline, and advil with my percocet
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I take aleve on days I am achy. Then flexeril in the evening bedtime to help relax to sleep. I tried lidocain patches but they didn't work. Massage therapy has helped so much twice a week with strengthening exercises.
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Neurontin for tingling everywhere especially facial pain - helps me sleep a little better

Oxycarbazepine for strong tingling - makes me dopey at work so I don't take it very often

Imitrex for headaches & eye aches - I don't think it works

Over-the-counter sleeping pills because of nerve pain preventing me from falling asleep
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Also, I tried Lyrica at first but it kept me awake in a weird buzzed-like trance, and I couldn't walk straight & couldn't tell which way was up.
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Hmmm...I actually was thinking of try ing Lyrica instead of Gabapentin b/c I was told that it had less side effects than Gabapentin. It looks like the opposite thing happened with you? I am thinking of trialing Lyrica soon...any comments would be appreciated.

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I'm on Valium for unsteadiness and Compazine for nausea.  Nothing really works for my headaches, I just take Tylenol and cross my fingers.  My dr recently prescribed Acetazolamide but I have not started it yet.  This medicine reduces your CSF so I'm very curious to try it.
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