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What to expect at my ENT appointment- Sinus problems & chiari!

Hi everyone,
I have my first ENT appointment tommorrow and im wondering what to expect as im ment to be at work afterwards so wondering what they will do and how i will feel really, as i have never had an ENT appointment before.
Its for my sinuses mostly as my neurosurgeon thinks there could be a problem with them causing me to still be getting all my chiari symptoms even after my decompression surgery. My GP thinks i may need surgery on my sinuses to see if it improves how i feel (Hopefully it does! Then i shouldn't need more surgery for my chiari! - at least for now anyway). So off i go to ENT! Has anyone had this kind of problem? And could advise me on what might happen please? Would so helpful especialy to know if i can go to work afterward.
- Kirst. <3
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  Hi...each Dr is different in what they do at a first meeting...and it also depends on why u r there.....he may scope ur nose to see what is going on, and may scope ur throat as well....

have u been tested to make sure u do not have other Chiari related
conditions ?
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Hi thankyou fpr replying. :)

I thought so i am just a little nervous i guess and curious if i will be fine for work afterwards.

Nope the doctors are convinced it is just my sinuses and wont even test for anyting else :( .. i have practically lived at the doctors over last few months trying to get some answers from them about why i still feel this way and have got nowhere. they just say "we won't know anything till you have been to ent" or "just keep taking your pills and you will be fine when you go to ent" its sooo frustrating! The pills dont work and i have a job to go to or i cant pay my bills so getting sick of it all now. I am still only able to work part time doing just half days as i cant cope otherwise :(  and the doctors answer is always just "ill do you a sick note" wich doesn't really help to find out whats going on and i cant afford to be off work all the time :(
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  If they would be doing something that would have lasting effects, they would have told u...so someone else drives etc....so unless u were given instructions like that , I would think this is just a meet and greet and give info type of visit.
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Okay thankyou,
i have had no info about the appointment not even a letter, just a phone call to say when and were it was.
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  I really feel if it was going to be a really involved appointment they would have informed u....
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okay thankyou :)
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