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Where to get a Chiari Ribbon

I would love to purchase a Chiari Ribbon...like the Cancer Ribbon....but I don't know where to purchase them at....If anyone knows let me know...Thanks
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  Hi...we have a member here that may be able to make one for u.....but, I know there are a few sites that do sell them,....

  Send me a PM and I will get a few links for u.
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Why not make your own?  It will have more meaning for you,  especially if you make them for your family.

you can string anything from glass beads to gemstones on elastic thread--so, anywhere from $1-10+.
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Thanks Selma...I would prefer someone to make one because I have been in constant pain within my shoulders for over a month. If you know who the person is would you let me know. I barely can lift my arm the pain has radiated down into my fingers so it's difficult even to type...I just fight through the pain....Let me know what you find out.
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Thanks for your advise...making my own would be wonderful but as I just told Selma I am in to much pain at this time to do anything.
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  I contacted the member and asked them to contact u....if u do not hear ne thing let me know : )
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Thank you so much...Huggs!!!!!
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Selma contacted me and asked if I could do a ribbon...I can, however I would need to know specifics such as color...deep or light purple, is there a specific design you had in mind? Ttys!!! :)
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If you would I like the dark purple....and thank you for responding to this..it means alot to me....And what are your prices to make them?...just let me know.
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