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Who has accepted PT to help w/knock stability

Just curious, I know some on here have mentioned PT in the past. Me being the stubborn person that I tend to be with Docs, refused it in the past.

Well this time I've accepted. When asked by PT what wanted help I was kind of at loss. For my neck there is a definite need to somehow learn some neck stability. But I kind of expected them to have the plan. They do seem to understand the issues and are running some ideas past my NS.

But, what specific areas have you found PT to help with?  Or where there areas that you wish they wouldn't have worked with?

Any help would be appreciated.

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hi CW...I am on PT since 3 months and I never believed it would help.My pain improved...and I am now starting strengthening aswell.its important we dont overstretch and start pt with our own weight...that means for example putting hand on forehead or neck and pressing against it the same with the sides...thats how they handle mine.U should never do a lot of weight neither extreme movements. I really dont regret I did it...give it a try...P.S. I am as stubborn as u...a typical taurus...
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  Hi CW...I never went....just followed the PT that was given in the hospital...it was walking and neck exercises...I have the chart posted in my profile pics....and it is not the whole chart...just certain ones on it....

Do not let them pull or touch ur head.....

With me having EDS I knew that the PT around here would not be able to work with it as I had been to them b4 and none had recognized it ....so, I did not trust them to be of help.

  U have a few other issues that are going to be unique to u and only u would know what they could do to help u there....ur DW might have more insight as to what u could use help with.....outside of Chiari issues that is.

  I hope it works well for u <3
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I start PT next Friday, so I am unsure the plan this go round!

In the past, I have had a TENS unit on my back and shoulder to help with muscles and they taught me neck exercises to do to improve my range of motion. It was pretty much turning your head to this side and that side for a certain number of seconds. No weights.

The second time, I did arm exercises to decompress "tight" nerves, but no pulling up. And it was very simple moves. He did one stretch where I laid on the table and he pulled my head out (very very) softly and it relieved so much tension. But that was after I was 4 years post op! and I was pretty active at that point!
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Ugh lightly pulling on my head made me sick for 2 weeks and I called neurosurgeons office and they said no one is to ever touch your head or neck again!  Scary!
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All your comments are deeply appreciated.

Dr. Has In-Home nursing care for now. Nurse asked if I felt ready to start
some light PT. PT came Friday to assess and asked me what goals I have that perhaps they can help me to acheive. They are supposed to compare notes with the Nurse and then call my Dr for approval of their plan of action. Also to see if he will approve a neck brace for use in the car until we can get those muscles back to point where hopefully it won't be needed. Nurse suspects seizure activity and is also discussing that with th Doc.

Have 'never' felt better taken care of post-op in my life. :-) Not happy about the reason for it, but very greatful to see a Dr willing to go those extra miles to help my recovery along. Feels a bit embarrassing ... But good, very good.

As for my head, neck, NO Way! My wife helps me wash back there for now. Well and of course those nessasary kisses have to come from her. :-) Otherwise, absolutely no one is touching my neck or head at this point already let the nurse and PT know how firm I am with that.

So thanks, from the tid-bits you all have shared here I think we're geared up and ready for this. If Dr approves of their plan we start Tuesday.

Thanks Again
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cw...great u give it a try...just wanted to add that i get ultrasound on my neck.i have to say i love it. its against inflammation and muscle tightness.that one was even prescribed by the specialist.not sure if it is available where u go...but ask for it...its really helping me and others
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I start pt today. Ugh I do not like the idea. I tried it after my first syrfery and quit cause they had me pullin my own weight on some machines. Thus tume dr gave specific instructions for the pt. Including deep heat massage, that sounds nice. No touchin head nor any manipulations. I'm gonna try it but like u I am stubborn and do not like the idea.
I hope it helps u...keep us posted. Hope u r recovering well. Hows the pain level?
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please be careful.  my experience w/pt has mostly been negative. they usually come up with a one size fits all treatment plan, for x number of weeks, based upon some average (or insurance) and not the patient before them.  i feel that they look at everything like you're an athlete & it's a sports injury.

i'm supposed to go eventually, for proprioception, but i figure i have the rest of my life to do that.  plus too much activity causes me more dysautonomia symptoms, which is harder to cope with or fix than pain.
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I too have recently started PT. I had my first session last Friday and it was mainly an evaluation as to where I was and what I needed. As of right now, I'm ordered 6 weeks but my therapist said she will review me in 4 and send the results to my surgeon stating whether she feels I need more or whether they r comfortable releasing me.
Pretty much what we r gonna be working on is strengthening my neck because the therapist said my shoulder and back problems are caused from over worked muscles over compensating for my neck. She also said the intimate goal of my PT would be to strengthen my entire upper body as it will all be benificial and having all the muscles strengthened will allow for proper healing of my neck.
I hope ur PT is helpful...Im hoping mine is too!! We'll go through PT together...lol!
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  So glad u r getting the Royal treatment instead of the Royal runaround.....it is about time... : )

  Keep us posted on ur progress  <3

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