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Who uses/has uses Medical Marijuana for Chiari Pain?

I don't want to offend anyone here or anything I was just wondering. I myself don't take narcotic pain pills because I used to love them too much LOL.  Between my headaches getting worse, my back pain due to my scoliosis getting worse, I am at the end of my rope and seriously considering it. (MMJ) Question is, if you use MMJ for your Chiari headaches, does it help? I'm asking because so many people talk of how migraine medicines don't work for these types of headaches and I don't want to put the money out for nothing.  I know, my back is reason enough but I am  just wondering if it would help with my head too. TIA for any comments!
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I am interested to hear any reply's to this thread.........

I figure anything that helps that doesn't hurt the patient should be maid available......
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I would like to share with you on this. I used to smoke MJ  quite frequently mostly for the nausea and because I couldn't fall asleep because my head hurt so much. I am not a pot head by any means but sometimes I felt I needed it to be sane!!!! I told  my NL before and he said "I am going to pretend I didn't hear anything". Personally I think it can help more than any RX meds. I have not smoked for awhile now because I had surgery and want to feel the full effect or lack of what surgery has done.
Good luck!!!
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I'm for anything that helps...unfortunately for me, I react very badly and am a paranoid fool. I learned 15 years ago that it was not for me... However, if it works for someone else..more power to you!! It be interesting to hear if it does.
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Let me start by warning you that smoking is bad any way you go about it. But, there are vaporizers that allow you to take in the beneficial properties, with out the carcinogens. The pharmaceutical industry is working on a inhaler type device for safe use of THC.  Coughing is also not advised for Chairi patients as it is a valsalva manover, so dont just go and smoke, it can make your condition worse and even make your headache worse. It can also cause dependency like many other things that  help with pain.

Other than that It helps tremendously!!! I have my medical marijuana prescription, but It isn't for everybody. It isnt easy to obtain, you cant just go get it from the pharmacy. It is suggested that you grow it for your self so that you endangering yourself and supporting the black market. This is almost impossible without help, chiari patients shouldnt lift more than a gallon of water which is hard if you have to keep your plants alive.  
It takes the edge off the pain, but doesnt take it away. It is mostly beneficial if you have stomach problems like IBS and chronic nausea. I get severe menses that make me sick, and it is VERY helpful with this...  Seeing as you are in Colorado you do have a lot of resources to find out more. Breckenrigde CO is the first state in the US to completely decriminalize it to anyone over the age of 21. This law was put into effect January 1 2010.
You have to really put some thought into this, as it is not a typical treatment and some doctors will not agree that it has any medical benefits.

I had not said anything about my MM use on here because I was worried I would be judged. But I shouldn't hold back, people need to be educated so that they dont fear what they simply dont understand. I would only hope that people accept me for who I am not what  I do.  Stacey
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Kudos Stacey!!
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I appreciate your responses - I too have horrible periods which - for whatever dang reason, I get twice a month. It also causes me to get migraines on top of my chiari headaches so - yeah - imagine that one. I have not taken anything other than Tylenol for my pain, because 1) I am scared of anything out there anymore and 2) I can't take narcotic pain pills. Well I could but I cannot imagine going down that road again. But when you are taking in excess of 3000mg of acetaminophen A DAY - well, my liver is not going to hold out. I know there is motrin, but for whatever reason it makes my head hurt worse and after one day on it my stomach is upset. So I can't take that either.

Spacey - Thank you for your post. I really do commend you for speaking up - and helping someone else.
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