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Wrist MRI - Not Chiari Related

After 8 years of pain I finally had an X-ray and MRI.  The x-ray was read as normal, altough my PCP told me she thought the Ulna and Radius were far apart.

The MRI came back as me having a Ganglion Cyst and also said " No evidence of fracture or bone marrow signal. Mild heterogeneity of the bone marrow of the lunate but without associated edema."  When my Orthopedic doctor told me about the Ganglion Cyst he never mentioned the Lunate bone...I then asked him and he said my lunate bone has white spots on it.  I told him I had been researching Keinbock's, but he told me it was nothing to be worried about.

Any advice?
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Hi....Keinbock's has no real source or origin, but could be from a trauma...since u skate, could u have injured that wrist in falls on the ice?

I have a mis shaped wrist bone and have been wondering about mine, but since I have EDS and use a cane, I think mine is from using the cane with that hand....and the lax joints allowed  it to disfigure....

I would suggest, like I do with chiari to push for answers, u know ur body better than the drs...so if this dr does not feel right in ur gut...find another for a 2nd opinion.

Good Luck and let us know what u find out...if it is Keinbocks..u will need to know which level urs is at at this point.

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My pain has been like this since four years before I started to skate.  I think it's from repetative use, being an admin and on the PC a lot.  I have just always been told it's tendonitis, with out ever having testing until now.  I am not really sure about this DR, I have had doubts since I met with him.  There are two doctors whom I trust, my NS and the physcial medicine doctor I saw.  I am tempted to send my report to the PM doctor to get her opinion...
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Oh really...goodness, thought mayb I had a idea there...I know this condition can start with an injury...just as chiari can.

Go with ur gut feelings....and I hope the PM dr is able to give u some guidence.

Please keep us posted : )

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