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You know u have chiari when~~~~~~~

finish the statement.

This is a fun thread we have done b4...seems the right time to do it again......

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You can't finish a ......... What was I saying?
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LOL....very good....

U know u have chiari when  all ur friends r online.....
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You know you have Chiari when... you know how to spell it!
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Lol. I like that one.   Lol.  

You know u have chiari when you know more about it than 90% of doctors
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You know you have chiari when you cant remember what u were doing 5 mins ago....
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...when you wear sunglasses in a store, on a cloudy day, well just about all the time...
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You know you have Chiari when having only a dozen symptoms is a good day.
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You know you have Chiari when ....you thought of a clever thing to write here, but got distracted for a minute and now you can't remember what you were going to write.
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You know you have Chiari when....

you tell your kids to 'go ahead and get in the cupboard' when you mean car...

....and they know what you mean!!
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You know you have Chiari when... after reading all these posts I find myself nodding and laughing and I don't even have a diagnosis yet!

- especially the cupboard... I do that ALL the time!!
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You know u have chiari when you take yor meds then cant remember you did... then take them again....   Oh dear!!!!
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you know you have chiari when a person says tonsils you think of your brain and not the tonsils in your throught! LOL!
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you know you have chiari when someone says they have a headache and all you can do is laugh.

you know you have chiari when you have seen some 12 odd different doctors and ended up with 15 different diagnosis and still no relief.
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You know you have Chiari when every time you stand in a Queue you look at the person in fronts neck and think.. what size herniation have you got?
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You know you have chiari when. Your 5 year old asks someone complaining of a headach if they have "a keytari. Too.". : )
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Ha ha ...I can relate to all of it...

You know you have Chiari when you can not only spell it properly but can also SAY it correctly...most of the DRs I know CAN'T

Also, you know you have Chiari when strangers look at you like they think you are drunk when you are walking around the campsite....or anywhere for that matter..
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u no u have chiari when u miss more days of school then u make.
U no u have chiari when the attendance office people know u by name.
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u know u have chiari when......

u realize something u felt was normal is a symptom.
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u know you have chiari when...
the pains never goes away regardless of the pain relief tabs..
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You know you have chiari when.. Your have padding up on corners and tables. And you have no baby in the house
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half the time you feel like a medical professer explaining to people what it is. and half the time feeling like a medical student trying to learn what it is.
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You know you have chiari when.... you have to stop playing with two year old daughter after only five minutes and she says "cause you have a headache?"  :(   I mean does she even know what a headache is or is she just repeating what she's heard me say over and over??
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you look under the counter in the cabinet for.....something.  You sit down on the floor and wait for it to come back to you.  After looking around in there you see it.  Oh, yeah!! It's the pill box you were looking for to put your meds in because you take so many you can't remember whether you've taken them or not.
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U know u have chiari when your NL askes u to keep a headache diary over a 2 month period and the only three days filled in are the ones without the headache!
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