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anyone experiencing entire-body hot flushing?

One of my symptoms is a hot flushing feeling in my entire body like burning up from inside. I cannot seem to identify any triggers. Has anyone experienced this or any suggestions as to what it is?
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  Hi....do u know if u have a syrinx? Many with a syrinx have more temp issues like this, but those with Chiari may experience it as well.....

Our brain stem is compressed and it is the control center for everything including how our body recognizes and feels heat and cold.....

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My husband has been complaining of "feeling hot from head to toe" a lot recenlty.  He has a syrinx - like selma mentioned - from his T2 to his T10.
I had a syrinx but it diminished.   I still feel this sometimes but no syrinx anymore.   The flush I feel now is more intense than what I had felt back when I had syrinx in neck.  
@Integer- Are you sure the syrinx hasn't reformed?
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The brain and cervical MRI showed no syrinx. I had the thoracic and lumbar MRI's this am & should be able to get report in couple of days.I did take a sedative for this am since it was back to back MRI's all the way in tube - I would recommend that :-)  also prayed while in their for someone going thru worse issues than me! Selma I liked your suggestion about pretending to be listening to road work that  made me smile inside the tube.
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Glad that worked for u : )

We have to invision things that r not scary so we can remain relaxed.....I got so many MRI's I could fall asleep inside...with out being sedated....lol....
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For me it feel like I am on fire or high fever sometime and other time like if I was sitting in an bahtub filled with ice.
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:-)  I guess I don't have the ice sensations since I live in Atlanta where it already seemed hot to me even before these symptoms started... do you have a syrinx? I seem to have heard a few times that the syrinx contributes to this?
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I in fact have 1 large in the neck and 2 more.
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My son has chiari, but we are in all the learning stages right now of all this.  I am learning that of all the symptoms he has are all I am reading that are with chiari, just never put it all together until now.  My son gets very hot and wakes up through the night soak and wet with sweat. He is always burning up.  He has an appointment in the next week with his neurosurgeon.  But I am reading about a syrinx, we have never been explained any of this.  Wondering if you could explain a syrinx?
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  Hi a syrinx also know as syringomyelia is a cyst like cavity that fills with CSF  when there is an obstruction to flow or injury to the area....
The cavity can continue to fill with the fluid and expand cutting off flow and compressing nerves...if left go for too long this can cause perm nerve damage....and is one of the reasons the chiari PFD surgery is done, to prevent a syrinx from forming or to allow the syrinx to shrink if one is already formed.
A syrinx is commonly found in the cervical spine as it is the weakest and most likely place for an injury type syrinx to occur that this is often the only place many Drs look to rule them out,HOWEVER those with Chiari can also have a syrinx form in the thoracic and lumbar spines too, so get them all checked.

Hope this helps.
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I received results of thoracic and lumbar MRI's  they show NO syrinx an I am happy about that. Now I am on antibiotics for 2weeks and one week later a CT scan of sinuses to determine if there is a blockage and if there is then the ENT will do a "balloon" procedure to open it up. Are you familiar with this?  Tax so much
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  Hi....the balloon procedure is done with arteries and heart surgery, so  it is a common practice to unblock areas....I have not heard it done for the sinus area, but I do not see y it would ne be effective.

Good news no syrinx  : )
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I had this issue also with hot sweats after my surgeries.  I am 49 and I actually ended up going to my PCP to have them test my hormones level to see if it was time for all this life changing stuff which all my test came back good.  If this is how it feels going through your change I'm sure not looking forward to it.  I don't have this issue now, so hope you will also see an improvement.  
Happy to hear you don't have a syrinx.  Good news.  
Linda :)
@Selma. Your so awesome and so inspiring.  Not  to have no sedation during an MRI.  NO WAY.....They told me I had to be sedated my last MRI flow study due to the amount of time I had to spend in the tube. I automatically ask for a mask which helps me a lot also.    Good idea about the construction work.  Lot of building being built. LOL....
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