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at home :)

Thanks for all of your prayers :) Forgottohave someone update you all, but I'm at home now and resting. No complications, only in ICU first night, on the floor for one night and home by the third afternoon :) Really uncomfortable, but not as bad as I anticipate it would be. SO glad I decided to do the surgery-- breathing better already!

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Nice to meet you, I am new to this.

I feel for you with the pain meds, I had to basically beg everytime I needed anything and they would only give me t3's because of my allergies. I couldn't wait to get home to medicate myself too!

I had a problem with the bowels and it was really painful. I started taking stool softeners when I got home which helped a little bit.

I picked up my 2 year  b/c he had the flu about 5 days after I got home and I just didn't think when he started vomiting. I suffered for days after that, it took me back a few days in recovery so I am more careful now!

I'm 3 weeks out and I am still tired all the time and have 3 boys as well so I can totally relate to how you feel. I think we just have to get over the guilt and just put our feet up and let someone else take care of us! Good luck to you!
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Glad your doing well, most important thing now is to listen when people tell you to take it easy!  EVEN if your feeling really good, there is a lot going on under the surface that needs that time to heal!!!  
Take care and so glad your seeing improvements!  
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NS said he didn't find anything unexpected, and I don't think he was looking for anything in particular. He was also surprised at how quickly I noticed improvement in my breathing. I tire easily and my head/neck hurt constantly, but it's great to be at home! At least at home I can manage my own pain meds -- I didn't have a pump, so had to beg for meds all the time when pain got bad...then had to WAIT for pharmacy to send up my flexeril. So lame! Only problem is that my bowels are not moving at ALL and it is miserable! I did pull my 2 year old to help him get up in the bed next to me and regretted that for SURE!

But breathing...no post-nasal drip for the first time in YEARS! No tightness in my chest of difficulty whatsoever...miracle :)

Love you all and talk to you soon...kind of feel a bit wobbly now.

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Wonderful news that it has shown improvement in ur breathing!!

I agree take ur time, relax .....so glad to hear from u already!!

Praying ur recovery is as quick as ur hospital stay !!

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Wonderful news!  Glad things went well!! Did your surgeon mention what they ended up finding?  What they expected?  One important note:  do not pick up the kids!!!!!!  My daughter "forgot" about the recent surgery and lifted her little nephew but immediately regretted it.  Take it easy take it easy take it easy!  It is a slow recovery, even if you feel better.... somehow, monitor yourself and don't overdo it.
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Wow, you're back quick.  Wish you luck in healing!
I haven't had surgery yet but I do know it's best to take it slow.. let your body tell you when to do what/when.
God Bless!
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I'm so glad you're home already and posting on here!!

Can't wait to hear all the details!!  I've been thinking about you!!

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Ditto to Shannon! Glad that all went well, lots of prayers your way!!!!!!!!

Barb :)
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SO glad your feeling better and that surgery went well! Just remember to take it REALLY slow and easy! I will continue to pray for healing and speedy recovery -- Shannon
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