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chiari surgery now manic depression?

I am seeing a Holistic DR who discovered my chiari due to the fact his wife had the same condition.My chiari dr is in PA and I am in NC. All of my chiari symptoms have returned but my Holistic Dr says it is Manic Depression because the Testosterone he gave me did not make my libido come back. How can I be sure this is the correct dx when he did not even consider the fact that my Chiari surgery may not have worked? Have has IC, Fibr/CFS for 4 years and on Vicadin 5 x daily for those pains. I have never asked for increase or early refill in all that time. Wouldn't anyone in this kind of pain be depressed and have large ups and downs? Why will the Holistic not even consider pain management? I am on hormone therapy. The total body pain, head aches ect.. are more than I can live with. How do I know I am being treated for the correct illnesses? It took me over a year just to find a Dr. who took my symptoms seriously. Can I insist the Holistic DR. send me to pain management until the hormones start to work if at all?
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I am a Clinical Social Worker who has worked for years in a psychiatric setting.  That being said, I have not met you and only know what has been communicated on this forum.  With that said, here is what I think:

A diagnosis of Manic-Depression should only be diagnosed by a psychiatrist.  From what you have shared, it doesn't seem to me that you have had any manic episodes.  A manic episode would be an intense feeling of energy, exageratted/heightened sense of abilities and arousal of all kinds including sexual arousal.  It can also include severe irritability.  A person that is manic may spend money they don't have, or engage in behavior that they normally wouldn't do.  A person has to have had at least one manic or hypomanic episode to be diagnosed.  The depression that goes with this disease is incredibly severe, more so than other types of clinical depression.  

If you were in trouble with mental illness you would probably be in trouble with your meds too.  

My instinct tells me that this doctor is blowing you off and giving you a psychiatric diagnosis becuase he doesn't know what is happening to you.  I suggest changing doctors.  You need a doctor that takes your symptoms seriously because THEY ARE SERIOUS!!!  Neurological damage could be continue if you still see this guy.  

There is a time and a place for holistic medicine, but I don't believe it should ever take the place of conventional medicine.  To me, that would be like praying for healing and stopping treatment.  This can be dangerous.  Holistic medicine is a compliment to treatment not a substitute.  

Please find a good doctor    This guy is a quack---I can smell them a mile away
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I apologize for coming on so strongly.  He is probably a wonderful person and great doctor in his own area of expertise.  I would strongly recommend seeking a mental health professional for an evaluation if there is concern about this.  

Also, there is also no shame in that diagnosis nor shoud there be any stigma. Unfortunately we live in a world that stigmatizes and minimizes people with mental health issues.  Many of us on this board have some kind of mental illness, wether it be depression, PTSD, Manic-Depression or other.  Manic-Depression comes in many sizes and is different with everyone.

Take care and let your doc know of your concerns
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Hi and welcome to the chiari forum.

I must agree with most of what redflame said.....I believe u should try talking with a chiari specialist.U need to find out if indeed the PDF surgery failed, and if u have ne related conditions that may be causing u these issues.'
We r prone to autoimmune disorders and we can have thyroid issues as well as RA which can cause some of the symptoms u mentioned.

I am so sorry u r not feeling better and I hope u can find the info and support u need.
I am happy to have u join our little family here, sorry for the reasons u had to seek us out.

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I agree with everyone. I myself was diagnosed bipolar at age 18. I am now 32 and live with it daily. What you describe isn't what I have learned to deal with as a bipolar patient. You need to see your Chiari doctor as surgery is not a cure, just a way to help with symptoms. Alot of chiarians have symptoms reoccur after surgery so you want to make sure you get it checked. You know your body and I have full faith that you already know that what the doctor is telling you isn't correct or else you wouldn't be questioning his diagnosis. :)

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thanks so much. I just read your replies to my husband. Just because I hate living in pain and I some times wish I could leave it all behind does not make me Bipolar, it makes me human. A human can only take so much. My main concern is I am blind in one eye and from what I have read if I have IIH I could lose the sight in my other eye.
I am calling my psychiatrist tomorrow first thing. I am also going to call my Chiari Dr. all the way in PA and see what he thinks and if he knows of anyone he trust in my area. Again, thank you all.
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deanna...my son has rapid cycling bipolar.  what you talk about isn't even close.  i agree with red flame....and i'm not as nice.  he's a quack!!  glad to hear you are doing what everyone has suggested and are looking elsewhere!
best wishes to you!
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