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constant vertigo,blurred vision

Hi all of you,

I am new here. I am actually from Germany and live in spain.i joined to support and get some answers.i have chiari 1 and i had the decompression with opening the dura performed on the 19th of october. I feel actually worse now sometimes.my mayor problem is that constant vertigo.if i go out to shopping malls where there is a lot of lights and shiny floor i get soooo dizzy. and along with that i experience a unsteady feeling in my legs and now after operation when i move a lot or talk i get blurred vision and sometimes it seems my body is moving up and down(not talking about the migranes i have!!!).i feel not normal and it frustrates me every single day and the only answer is be patient.i was such a happy person and independent before still in the beginning of this year and now my life changed so much.also in places with a lot of people and a bit music each sound is iritating me.is this from post op?do i have to take things easier.well i just wanted to great everybody suffering chiari.thanks for being here.iris
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Hi im dana. I had decompression in aug of this year and i have all the same issues. Before surgery and now after they seem worse. Ha are way worse after too. Have one everyday. Hopefully we just need more time to heal. Listen to your body. Do not push yourself. Even tho everyone keepd yelling me that i should be doing more than i am. Even my ns. He told my family while i was in recovery it was 50/50. Not a miracle surgery je said. So tell me how and why i should be better. I cant even go back to work. Doing pt jusy started because i am determined to go back. Tho my ns says im fine. My pcp knows om not.
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

May I ask, since u r in Spain, did u go to the Chiari clinic in Barcelona?
The vertigo post op is not typical, have u been to see ur NS post op?....u may have a CSF leak....

What neck exercises have u done since u got out of the hospital?.....and what do u do on a daily basis?

U r still in the early stages of recovery and we all are different as to how long it may take, so u have to go slow and listen to ur body.

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Hi sexybare and selma,
Thanks for answering so quick.
Sexybare ...hehe...sweet nickname.i am absolutely sorry for you to expirience that.i am alsovalways told to do things and go out.I cannot guys.i end up in a mess afterwards and get frustrated each time.i grap the arm of my boyfiend and tell him to go straight away as i feel like on a constant bad trip.i doubt i can ever go back to work as this chiari is limiting absolutely everything...i want just to be able to work and dance.i miss it so much.please take care of u and let me know how it is going.hugs

Selma sweetie.I dont do any neck excercise.my neck is really good and doesnt cause me any probs.ok it hurts once in a while and needs a bit more strengths,but thats it.my ns is always smiling at me thinking i am exagerating.my doctor tells me it is from the squeezed cerebellum that does balance functions.and reading i found out about ataxia which is a damage of the cetebellum and did the so called romberg test...closing my eyes with legs together i show vertigo...i just dont want to live like that.
I actually live in barcelona.i did not go to the institute there as i heared also nit so good things.but anyways i might go there and let you know.this mr royo is kind of expensive and the operation too.but i will not leave anything untried to be better.
Big hugs
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  The reason I mention the neck exercises is it helps prevent scar tissue from forming...and I was told to do them, as it helps strengthen the neck post op as well.

It is possible to develop PTC post op and could explain how u feel...as it is not typical....but, not impossible for u to have this sensation post op as we  all heal and deal with this differently.

I would only caution u if u begin to feel worse insist on being seen and getting a MRI or some testing to rule out a LEAK or infection.

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Hi selma,
U r a blessing to the chiari family,really.nobody told me ever about excercise to do,but it doesnt surprise me in Spain,sorry.can i find them somewhere?what is scaretissue and what does it effect?actually i had fever the last weekend.maybe i really should check.how do they discover leaks?and shouldnt i have jelly stuff up my neck then?ok i wont bother you more.thanxxx
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  There are many here in the US that were not told either, and y I ask...lol...here is a link to a pic of a chart, do read the comments below to see which ones to do, not all on the chart are for those post op with Chiari ....


Scar tissue is when the scar heals with too much skin on top of the incision and it can block CSF from flowing just like the herniation did.It can also make the area tight that u do not have the range of motion u should.

If u had a leak or have a leak not sure if the fever would go away, bit not all have fevers....that is if u have an infection...when do u go for ur post op visit?

No need to put nething on ur neck unless there is an issue....

It is not a bother...ask all the questions u need...that is y this forum is here : )

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I think the #1 issue after having surgery is learning to have patient's with healing.  Having Chairi is life altering and there are a lot we have to adjust in our life's.  As Selma state's there are different processes our bodies go through during our recovery time and for some it take's longer.  Just take 1 day at a time and it is very important to not lift, bend, pull at this time because it hasn't been long since your surgery.  The neck exercises are good to do.  As my doc say's the muscle they have to move when having this surgery is quite large and muscle's have memories.  Right now all your body is telling you is that it is in pain.  As for most of us we find that heat help's to relax the muscle, but for me I was using heat to much and when my neck would cool now it would acturally tighten up even more.  Take take it easy right now and listen to your body.  I'm glad you found us here on this forum because there are a lot of people who understand and relate to what you are going through.  Wish you the best in you recovery.
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