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ct scan results

Hi everyone... thanks for having this community... my next step is a MRI with contrast... totally taken by surprise although all of the symptoms are dead on... lots of pain ..I've had 3 lower back surgeries, 1 neck with a metal plate and 6 screws from a whiplash...  can someone please help...thank you

Normal gray-white differentiation is present. There is no CT evidence of acute cortical ischemia. Subtle patchy low attention is seen in the left frontal sub corral white matter. Nonspecific by CT. Manifestation of migrainusus and other demyleinating processes remain amount the differential. Contrast-enhanced brain MRI should be considered to further characterize. No intra-axial mass, global mass effect or midline shift is seen.ventricular morphology appears unremarkable. Benign Virchow-Robin spaces are incidentally noted. Suggestion of cerebellar tonsillar ectopia. In the clinical context of headaches, attention to this are on MRImis suggested. The extra-axial spaces are otherwise grossly unremarkable. Mastoid air cells and middle ear cavities appear clear. The skull base is unremarkable. The visualized para nasal sinuses demonstrate retained secretions and mucosal thickening. Bilateral maxillary sinus non-native Ostia.

1. Subtle patchy low attenuation sub oral white matter left frontal distribution, nonspecific by CT. Follow up contract enhanced strain MRI is suggested.
2. No CT evidence of acute intracranial loos products, acute ischemia or global intracranial mass eddect.
3. Suggestion of cerebellar tonsillar ectopia. Attention to this area on brain MRI is suggested in the clinical context of headaches.
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Ask your Dr if an MRA would be best and then depending on those results, possibly an MRI Cine. There is much speculation at this point but enough to indicate the need for further testing. I remember the first results I read indicated a possible aneurysm in a very dangerous location ... etc. Turns out its Chiari. CT results are often preliminary findings. Hopefully you will get some much needed good news soon. Try not to worry greatly in the mean time and remember some findings are not at all unusual :-) Lisa
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

desertstorm is right is saying to wait for the Dr as we are just like u, most here do not have ne medical training and those that may still are not trained in the area of Chiari.

It is possible to have several things going on at once....so do get more testing and make sure the Dr is addressing ALL the aspects of this report...especially the demyletion....

With Chiari there are related conditions as well, be sure to have them ALL ruled out as well as ne condition with similar symptoms.

Hang in there and know u r not alone <3
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thank you for encouraging words... I just ran an MRI so I some answers in 24 hrs.  Once I get a little closer to a diagnosis... have already been thinking of MayoClinic in Phoenix... but trying to keep one day at a time in the forefront.  thank you :)
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