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decompression site confused as pseudo?

Hi everyone! Been a VERY long time since I've posted! I've been decompressed since June 2011. I wish I could say it's been all sunshine and roses LOL! A lot of symptoms have come back and I've been diagnosed with occipital neuralgia, so I'm waiting to start getting nerve blocks. So, since my surgery I've had a couple of MRI's that have been "normal". No reports about pseudomeningocele's or anything. I think the last one was Feb. 2012. Last October (2012) I fainted at work and was sent to the local ER where I gave them my history, but it's not my regular hospital. They did a CT on my head. The ER doctor and my pcp said it was normal.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I picked up my entire medical file from my pcp to bring to my new pcp. I got to read EVERYTHING (interesting what you read!!!). The report said it was normal, but that I might have mild chiari malformation (hahaha) and a possible meningocele!! An MRI would be suggested for further diagnostic evaluation. Of course, no one said anything to me about this. So my question is, is it possible the radiologist confused the surgical site as a possible meningocele and that's why nothing was ever said to me? And could something form that long after surgery but between Feb. and October??

Thanks guys!
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Hi Stephie...
Radiologists do make mistakes. In fact, an interpretation of a film is only as good as the Dr. reading it. You don't have to wonder about this.... You can take the actual film (cd) to be read by a different radiologist. Second opinions of films are done commonly. Your Dr can give you an order for this. It amazes me the ignorance still out there about Chiari among the medical 'professionals'. Anyways, if you trust your NS he can take a good look as well, Dr Oro would.... As far as Dr's go, but I would start with another radiologist reading first, and one who compares it to your prior films. Good luck :-) Lisa
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Hi and welcome back, so sorry it is under better circumstances...ie- u r doing well.

I have to agree with Lisa in that it is possible that the Drs reading it be the radiologist or ur PCP they are not trained to read Chiari MRI's and y we always say see a true Chiari specialist....far too many Drs do not think Chiari is ne thing more then an incidental finding.

So just like b4   getting ur Chiari DX u have to request copies of ALL tests so u have them to get another opinion...and if u do not have ur pre and post op copies of MRI and report request those as well so when u find a Dr that does know Chiari they can all be reviewed to compare them.

U may have scar tissue that formed and could be causing a CSF obstruction....that can cause symptoms like prior to surgery.

Keep us posted on what u find out.
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