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I'm curious how many folks have been diagnosed with depression rather than a doctor acknowledging CMI? I had a CAT & MRI, I absolutely have a fatty tumor on the brain & Chiari Malformation I with tonsils fully decended down the foramen mangum. I just found out end of January after having issues for 14 yrs.  I started having issues about 23, I'm 37 now.  I did go to a few doctors through the years but was told be more active...excerise eat less peanut butter, accept it everyone gets headaches and is tired.

The second opinon  (after discovery) I got today was - your the poster woman of depression, putting people on disabilty ruins peoples' lives (I don't want disability/didn't cross my mind), she also said that one of her mentors said if a patient comes in with 6 or more symptoms then they have depression....  within ten minutes of the appointment she was pushing anti-depression pills.   There was much more but why bother.  Many of you probably have dealt with this anyway.

Anyone have this happen?  I can accept that I have been depressed for 14 yrs, I would rather be stressed than CMI issues...but in my heart this diagonsis seems off.

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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

  Getting a dx, a correct dx and treatment is a pain in itself and we have dubbed the whole process "the royal Chiari run around" as we get all this stuff about it is just depression, but y do u have depression...

Yes, compression of the brain stem can and will cause depression, but that is not the problem and u can not just treat a symptom u have to treat the cause....and too many Drs r not aware of how Chiari can affect us.

  U will need to see a true chiari specialist...see our list of Drs, research them and visit a few and compare to find the dr that is right for u.

  Educate ur self and ur PCP as his education is med school was all old out dated info....

  I was told this exact thing back in high school and given prozac.....crazy...it took till I was 48 to get my chiari dx...from 16 to 48...and I went to so many Drs trying to figure out what was going on.....

  Too many drs dismiss us, Have no clue, and will not admit that they do not know.

  know u r not alone : )

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I don't know about you but I definately have depression like symptoms but when they put me on antidepressents it made me hyper so when I told the psychologist that she said I'm not depressed. I'm now on antidepressent for a gi problem, and it didn't change my mood so far. It didn't help my gi problems either. I'd suggest ask for a specialist in chiari one ns and see what they have to say.
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  BTW- many anti depressant meds r used for pain so even tho we have had Drs try to say this is our problem do not let that affect ur view on the meds as they r used for more then just the normal use of the med.

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Well my antidepressent definately hasn't worked for the gi problem I'm going more often now than I did before he put me on it. :( The vomiting is still in the air because I changed my diet again.
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I also was given many of them as they were trying to figure out what was wrong.  And as others mention so many are used or pain so we tried all of those trying o help he pain...they didn't for me...and finally we found chiari
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I was Dx with depression, anxiety, PTSD, UI, carpal tunnel syndrome, MVP, sent for counseling, and given handfuls of meds.  After 4 months of counseling I realized that something just wasnt right, I wasnt having mental stability issues. Tho the trazadone did help me to get some sleep finally, but the side effects of the meds were ridiculous. All of my symptoms continued. Eventually I decided that all of this couldnt be what is really wrong with me and weaned myself off...something I never would do if I really was struggling with depression.
Yes later I was Dx by accident. Now everything has come full circle and finally makes sense.
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