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Since beginning meds fr CM, I have gained a good bit of weight (almost 20 lbs in 1 year).  I also cannot exercise as much since my legs hurt almost continually (which neuro says is fibromyalgia).  Any suggestions about diet that may help lose weight and benefit leg pain
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  HI...I am working with a Dr on MedHelp for an exercise program for us!!

  As soon as I know it is doable I will let u all in on it...

Now as for a diet, I have a few questions...do u know if u have a thyroid issue? were u checked lately for an autoimmune issue?How about Ehlers-Danlos? Do u ever have issues with IBS?

  Sorry for the questions, but they will help in answering ur question.

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I'm interested in your thoughts that led you to ask about IBS.  I've had something along those lines start up with my CM symptoms.  At first I thought it was just from being dizzy/nauseous all the time, but I'm not nauseous anymore and I'm still having issues.

And it's absolutely wonderful to hear you're working with a dr about an exercise program.  I can't wait to hear more!

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  Well I asked about IBS bcuz if our digestive system is not working properly we will gain weight...no diet will change that until we deal with the IBS issues.

I also had a dx of Hashimotos which is a thyroid condition and I gained quite a bit and  at a yr post op my lab reports showed I no longer needed the meds and now at 2 yrds post op still no meds, I did lose some weight, but can not seem to move beyond that but my IBS keeps flaring up, so I am taking probiotics which were working until I added a new med, so I am stopping the new med to see if getting my digestive track on track will help lose weight...in addition I am  working on the exercises for those of us with limitations.

  I will post them once I have the program complete.

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You rock with the diet program!

I too am having issues with a lot of weight gain since surgery in '08.  I have Graves in remission so the endo checks my thyroid and says my levels are "normal".  Still I wonder if chiari hasn't done something to trip up my pituitary gland.  It was quite flat when I saw it last MRI.  My endo is good at endocrinology but isn't that familiar with CM so I think I need to ask him about this.

Is there a link or web site that might have a listing of the types of things us Chiarians are prone to (IBS, EDS, ect) and how they affect weight?

Sorry I don't have more to contribute to the OT.
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Wow didn't know IBS caused weight gain. Yes I have that as well n have gained lot of weight. Someone needs to help us.

Also I have fallen three times lately!  Grrrrrrrr!!!

If people only knew what we battle each n every day...
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  I will tell u all right now, that the probiotics my PCP stated me on r helping me with the IBS issues I was having...they r also supposed to help with vitamin absorption....help lower cholesterol....and if all goes well, I am hoping lose weight in the process  : )
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