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disability requests increase

I can't verify this, but I was told second hand (from a disability attorney) that disability claims are up 30%, that now the wait is 3 yrs. or more.  Not surprised.  I don't know if that stat is from SS or just her practice.
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I applied nov 2011, I was denied first in may 2012, appealed immediatly and didn't get a hearing til feb 2013. Took 2 months to get decision, approved, yet still waiting for pay. Best of luck to anyone applying. Thank god for my lawyer, but they suck our $
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  Makes u wonder how some can get SSID so fast and others that really need it are made to wait...and live with no income...sad indeed.

And from what I can tell a very lengthy process...if u do not have patience yet u should by the time this is all said and done....

Thanks for sharing part of the process : )
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So, my cousin is in the prices of applying for SSI, I am his Representative(he ***** at paperwork and is easily frustrated). His original claim was denied almost a year after he originally applied. We just recently filed his appeal, he has had new diagnosis'(Fibromyalgia) and in like 6 weeks (IMO that was awful fast) it was denied!! I just requested a hearing before a judge and I've been told that it can take up to a year to get that. If it is denied by the judge, then we can appeal it to be reviewed by the appeals council and lastly u can ask for a federal court review.
VERY lengthy process...it's a shame because if u r truly unable to work, as my cousin is, he is struggling financially!
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That doesn't surprise me, the way the economy is I am sure many r applying for it just for depression.....

I was told a few yrs ago the wait or time to just get it approved was 2 yrs, so like everything else it now takes longer...ugh...sigh
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