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face pain

For the last few days I have been experiencing very bad maxillo facial pain. It is actualy worst when I chew. Does anybody else experience this?
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Thank you all! No I did not have a surgery. I'll mention the pain to my doc as soon I can get a hold on her. I'm still waiting for my result of my lattest MRI, she is on semi-maternity leave and she is realy hard to get an appointment with at this momment.

This morning I drank some bost, to much presur on my cheek bones! to chew.
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  Linnie is right, this is a chiari issue..and many have had to deal with this as well....I had a Dr also suggest TMJD, but my Dentist discounted it after an exam....

Sometimes it would feel like I  was balancing all my weight on my jaw for it to hurt like that....

I will also add, I have not had that type of pain since surgery...I may have occasional facial pain that feels more like a sinus issue...but nothing like the other pain I used to get.

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I have the same issue and yes I have had the surgery. I also had back shoulder blade problems that seem to go thru to my chest sometimes. It went away after surgery, but is now back again. Anyone else have this isue? As for the jaw sometimes is too painful to chew. My teeth even seem to hurt. Its weird.
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Have you had chairi surgery yet?  I had some of the same problems.  That is why when I went to one doctor before being diaganois with Chair they told me I had TMJ because my jaw hurt, facial pain, and a hard time swallowing. When explained about this I was told.  Look at the big picture of your head, neck.  All the muscle etc all have to work together and if one muscle is stuggling you will experiece pain in different area's of your head.  I think that is why Chairi is so hard to find because of experience's like you are having.  I wish the best.
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