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finally post op..

As the title says yet the jury is out if i did the rite thing or not!! My surgery finally went ahead 2nd may so 3wks or so ago.. I hav no words 2 explain how i am but alone!! How do i prepare meself 4 my new journey. Ive waitd 7 n half yrs 2 get here n now i ask meself did it make adifference 2 me fits n i gues time wil tel altho im stil havin a type of fit the doc reckons these r down 2 the surgery!

Did anyone else experience any type of seizure/fit after surgery!??

Anyway thanx 4 readin, i jus wantd 2 inform the few that know me the update!!
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After surgery everythings outta whack. But if you  know its not normal be sure to contact dr or ns to be checked. Dont hurt. As not one of us know wha2 to expect cause we r  all diff. Sendin healing hugs and for a great recovery :) Dana
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I hope you have a safe & speedy recovery!
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Good luck for ur recovery.healing post op can be really strange!!!take it easy
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  Hi, welcome back!!
Thanks for the update and yes, as mentioned above, u will feel out of whack post op....it takes time.

As for the fit, or seizure like issue, that is possible too, we have had a few members that post op did develop seizures and or epilepsy....so, if it is something like that ur Dr should be able to tell u, but it could also just be the over stimulation of the nerves.....this can be a common issue post op.

What do u mean by fit?
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I suffer seizure type fits which ns though was down 2 my cm.. These new seizures r diff.n i do think down 2 surgery!!
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  Have u had a sleep study done? Or a EEG?

How long do these fits last?
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Good Luck with your recovery, it is good to hear from you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. As for the fits....i have had these issues pre-op....I however can offer no help post - op. Best wishes to you and take it easy !
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