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has anyone had what they call the bony only surgery?

I was diagnosed with chiari 1 malformation a few years ago. At my last neurosurgeon visit it was suggested for the 3rd time that I have surgery. But this time he suggested me possibly having the bony only surgery where he doesn't go into the dura. He said less recovery time since I'm a single parent.  My question is has anyone had this type of surgery and what is recovery like. Ty
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

The bony decompression is a less invasive procedure...and is many times reserved for children....BUT this procedure's benefits are short lived.

Most that have had this procedure have had to have the full decompression with the opening of the dura.
Most issues with the full decompression is not being aware of related conditions like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.....if precautions are taken, it does not have to cause issues or set backs.

Make sure your Dr is not only well informed on Chiari and ALL related conditions but well experienced too.
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Ty for you're response. My neurosurgeon is well informed about chiari malformation, he actually is a pediatric chiari specialist but deals with adults too since there's no one else close. He did tell me that there is a chance I would need the full decompression down the road. What are the signs of ehlers-danlos?
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  EDS signs vary from person to person but the main way to test is with the Beighton scale.....this looks at hyper mobile joints.

There are other ways ...such as asking questions....do you bruise easily, slow to heal, have stretchy skin,blue sclara,any hernia's, and of course any family history of it.

Those with EDS also have issues with meds not working like they should...anesthetics take a larger dose to have any effect....

Joint pain as well as subluxations and full popping out of joint.

Keep in mind EDS is not just being hyper mobile or having stretchy skin not everyone will have those but they are the more common symptoms.
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