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hi~ scared.... for my son

Hello everyone ! So sorry for the sbsence. Been dealing with reuturn of symptoms. I'll explain about those a little later, Right now, I need some advice. My oldest son Logan, who will be 8 on Sunday, I found out has dysgraphia, and most likely A,D,D. His teacher thinks that he is one of those students that is so intelligent that he actually has trouble gettting his thoughts to paper because of how in depth he sees the  big picture in such detail that he doesnt know how to answer unles asked verbally so that he can fully explain himself. This has caused him to begin failing some of his classes....well, most of them. My heart is so broken. THen I find out that the dysgraphia is a neurological disorder. I am so confused and I just dont know where to go with this and how to help him, so if any of you have any information or recomendations of any sort, please feel free to HELP. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated. I turn to all of you, because I know how you all care. This pretty much explains my absence, i am do sorry.
!Love, Rahe
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  Hi sweety....I am so sorry u r still dealing with symptoms and now the stress of what is going on with ur DS...

My nephew, I have 3 so it is the older brother to the one having issues with drugs, but when this older one was younger we found out he was also ADD..and he had the same issues, he could not get his thoughts out...

Example, he had math problems to do, he had to show the work, he could look at it and get the right answer, but did not know how to show the work... I worked with him, and would ask him a question about the math problem, and then say stop, now write that down...and did so for each step, until he understood what it was they wanted...

The biggest hurdle we thought he would have as he also was dx'd with aspbergers was socialization...but that is not an issue, he has many friends and has his 3rd girlfriend....he participates in cival war re enchantments...

It may take time, but there is help and u can ask for services to come and work with him,....

   Ur heart does not need to break....my nephew David went to college, took a yr off , and is going back, but over all...is a happy well adjusted young man.
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Thanks so much selma ! You words are encouraging ! I have been trying to find out how to get him tutoring with someone who knows how to teach a child with dysgraphia. My heart is broken because i have been VERY hard on him about his grades and work. I just thought he was goofing off. I didnt realize it was medical. Those darn invisible illnesses. At least I know how he feels. I just really needed to talk to you all.

My symptos are not as bad as they were, but they are back and I am back o on meds . That is something I did not miss. How did you fare in the storm Selma. I think of you very often. Life just has not permitted the time to stop and check in. Hopefully things will start to improve now that I have an idea of what is going on with my son.
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  Well the stress  of things with ur DS r not helping ur symptoms, u need to try to relax ...and know  there r services out there for children with these needs.....call ur local county offices they should be able to direct u...if not the school itself.

Now u know to ease up on him ...but not on working with him...u can do like I did with my nephew...break it into sections, and he will know the sections he just can not slow down to explain them or justify showing the work, if the answer is right he didn't understand the need to show the work.
In time u will find a way to work with him and he will understand too what he needs to do to get his grades up and do better...it is not a lack of trying.

My sister evals infants and toddlers for services here, so I know it is something that is available.

The storm was not as big an impact here as we expected...we had some electrical outages, but nothing like those along the coast line....they r the ones that were hit the most...even my DD in NY had no worries with it....

  Pop on when u can...and I pray u get ur DS sorted out...and u feel better too. ((hugs))

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oh sheila, didnt see ur post before!!! nice to see u again here :-)) I cannot give u much advice, but I dont think its neurological. Theres always two sides of the story hey...it sounds awesome to be intelligent, but look at the backside how ur son is affected.
I have a close friend which has disgraphia and she managed very well...she is a psychologist now. U do have to notice the teacher about it and children do get extra time for writing here in europe at least...dont panic about it....there are ways...good luck sweety
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The main person in schools that works with this is an occupational therapist. I know this because it is my job. PM me and I can help a bunch and I promise this will be ok.I work with kiddos like this all the time and they are doing great! I am here to help!
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