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how long does it take?

I had chiari malformation surgery (craniotomy and duraplasty) a week ago.  I had bad hearing before the surgery and now I can't hear myself typing this.  I feel like I'm under water.  Is this normal?  I can't really tell any difference in any of my symptoms from before to after surgery.  I'm sure I'm just being anxious.  I don't even get staples and stitches out till Monday.  I was wondering if most people get any immediate relief or if they can tell right away that the surgery worked.  
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  Hi Tina...welcome back !!

There will be ups and downs for the next few months, some may feel great right away...and that can be a result of drugs and meds used during surgery,But as we heal the nerves can be over stimulated and we can have some symptoms return.

So my advice...relax, be patient and do not push urself and set limits it will take as long as it takes...we all are going to take diff rates of time,....so let ur body heal...and know it may be a bumpy roller coaster for a while

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Hello! I haven't had the constant "underwater" hearing sensation you have had, but I did have something quite unusual.  After my second s/x, my hearing and ears themselves were extremely sensitive!  If someone coughed, my ears would ring and I would perceive the noise as pain instead of hearing it.  The ringing was so loud that it masked the sound all together.  But it wasn't all the time ringing. Sometimes my hearing would go out and it would just be pain instead of sound.  It only happened if I touched my ears or there was a noise present.  That lasted for a few months maybe and went away once the pressure in my head was back to (more or less) normal.
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