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i need a specialist in Texas

well since the last time I was on i went to the doc got new MRIs and now i know that my herniation is of 18mm and there might be some csf blockage and retroflexed ordoint something (lol sorry) my doctor has no idea whats going on i can tell by his confused look as he was looking at my most resent MRIs. I live in El Paso and so far i cannot find a chiari specialist. Can anyone help me PLEASE! i mean not that i want to have surgery or anything i just dont want something bad to be going on in there and i have no idea about it til its too late
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Oneof my friends is getting ready to have surgery. She lives in texas and I will ask her who her specialist is... may take me a couple of hours. I'mnot sure she in our forum. YOu are definintely on the right track looking for a specialist...that is so important. YOu will be in my thoughts.
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  Hi...did u look at the  list of Drs in TX  we have posted? It is possible that u may have to travel to get to one as they r not as prevalent ans those of us with chiari.

U mentioned u have a CSF obstruction and a retroflexed odontoid...make sure they rule out syringomyelia in all areas of ur spine thoracic and lumbar as well as cervical, and tethered cord, and disk issues, sleep apnea, ICP....ehlers-danlos...as these can affect ur recovery post op.
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were can i get that list i tried looking for it but wasnt able to find it....
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  I just bumped it up so it should be on this first page of the forum, other wise, do use the Health Pages link at the bottom of this page.

R u using a phone to access the forum or a comp?....with a phone u may not see the entire forum.
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comp but still cant find it..............think im missing something
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