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neck shoulder/upper back pain

Hi all for the last few days I have neck and shoulder pain the shoulders hurt a little more and the neck pain feels more like bone pain then muscular, also i have upper back pain btwn the shoulder blades like if i take a deep breath i can feel a POPPING like in my back when it pops it doesnt hurt awfully bad but it is noticeable. I take 10 mg of flexeril for the muscle spasms i have in neck (left side of inscision is really tight and when spasms Its uber painful)

so is this part of the cervical stenosis or is it still part of healing?
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Thanks Selma good suggestions

Cmoeller- I had Chiari surgery Oct 5th 09, 19 days later i was rush for emergency shunt placement,
I was originally told by NS who done the chiari that PT would be necessary for the cervical stenosis, But, I havent been able to get back to see him due to the shunt placement and it taking an awful long time before they got the shunt # set right for me (spent the better part of November in the hospital) and due to the weather (he is out of state and we dont want to drive in the winter with bad roads)
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I was wondering how long it has been since your surgery?
I have the same issues but it has only been just over 3 weeks since surgery so I haven't had any PT yet. Mine usually spasms after doing things (like on the computer) and then it gets so tights that I have to lie down for awhile. I still think it is probably just the healing, I was told it may happen.
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Hi...I was told to do the shoulder rotation exercises and use heat just prior to relax the muscles....not sure about the arm lifts tho......but shoulder shrugs and rotations along with the turning of the head was what the PT had me doing.

But don't forget to use the heat b4 u begin and u may want to use again when u r done.

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OOPS forgot to ask

would some lite excercises- for shoulders/neck, would help
like shoulder rotations arms lifts,

I am going to call my neuro but today i know is one of his out of office days. so I prob wont hear from him til monday- just wanted to see what y'all think
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