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pain relief

Do any of you go for radiotherapy rizotomies? I now have had two, 24 months apart.  Ask your neurosurgeon about it. In a radiotherapy rizotomy , under general aneasthetic in theatre, needles are placed on both sides of the neck verteabra and radio frezuency sent through it to stun the nerves. this causes the pain measage to be stopped from reaching the brain and you then do not feel headaches. I am living headache free, even though I still have all the other symptoms. This combined with miztazarpine pill at night changed my life. Are anyone else on the same kind of treatment, Please comment. thanks. c3m3k3 of South Africa
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Hi Selma,
The rizotomy is not in the place of surgery. I see my neurologist for check ups and with any change in my condition or increase of the other symptoms he checks it out. I do MRI if anything concerns us.

The rizotomy controls the experience of headaches. Only specific nerves are targeted and you therefor still feel pain in the rest of your body should you have reason to feel pain. However, if any other part of the body should become a problem with uncontrollable regular and persisting pain a rizotomy could be done to target that specific area of pain. This causes one not to have to take so many painkillers which is much better for the stomach. The miztazerpine has to do with chemical balances and adds to the treatment. When I do not have a rizotomy in place I look like death warmed up and take excessive pain killers. Often they do not help and I then live through the pain. With the rizotomy I still have all the other symptoms, the discomfort in neck and head is the worst of them, but at least no pain. This gives me quality of life I otherwise would not have had.

My neurosurgeon prefers not to operate unless it becomes critical to do so. In South Africa not many cases of ACM is seen. I am lucky to be at a NS who has knowledge of it and is careful in his treatment.

It does not take away the ACM or change the progression, only controls pain.

Thank you for asking. All the best

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Hi and welcome to the chiari forum.

I have never heard of this form of treatment for chiari...may I ask, is this in place of surgery, for after surgery???

Have u been checked for a CSF blockage?...and if u should develop one while on this treatment how would u know?...do u have routine MRI's to monitor ur condition?

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