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panic/anxiety attacks or chiari?

Thursday I had to leave work because all of a sudden my right side went numb and I started shaking, I had to pace back and forward I was so restless and felt like I was going to pass out. I ended up going to the ER had ECG ( which was normal ) and after 6 hours and an injection for dizziness I went home and they basically said " anxiety"

And just now on the bus home from work it happend again, just everything felt numb this time, my face started burning, heart started racing, breathing funny and I felt like I wasnt me....

I have calmed down atm, but I still feel weak all over...

I am starting to worry that its not anxiety or panic.... and that my chiari is getting worse within the space of a few days

I have been having anxiety and panic for  years now, and since my diagnosis in Jan I have done nothing but worry about my chiari and stress over it, and I have worked ALOT lately...

Could these be stress related incidences or something much worse?

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I failed to add that I have been having real problems sleeping lately also unless I am REAAAAALLLY tired, I am in such a panic mode when I am in bed, scared I wont wake up from sleep so I force awake
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I totally understand u and am almost 100percent sure its ur chiari acting up.what u describe was exactly the point i noticed sth is just not right with me.i was also diagnosed with anxiety...and it was not the case.i dont know about ur case,but brainstem compression could play a big part in that.dont let them tell u u r crazy...get a specialist asap
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Surely if it was my chiari, it would be constant, these happend with me not doing anything like moving head, etc

When I saw my neuro 3 weeks ago, he said there was no sign of brainstem compression
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I must also add, I became a really bad anxiety sufferer in 2007 after losing my grandmother, and it was really severe, but I got better, and stopped the meds and stuff in about 2009, and I was fine until my chiari diagnoses..... since jan this year I have been a nervous wreck, which is why i am leaning towards it being anxiety. But then I dont know.... I just want it to go away :(
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So ok didnt know that...so could be both.just the way u described it sounded like my own story
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ok I feel fairly confident that it is panic... I just woke from sleep in petrified state, shaking and scared heart racing and thinking I was going to die, once I woken properly I am fine again ( feel so tired and trembling still ) but not so bad as when I woke up...

I was googling about decomprssion suergery before I slept and was scared reading and I was shaking then...

Any other thoughts?
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