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Hey everyone... I haven't been here for a while but I have a question as a new symptom has popped up

I went to TCI in NY and was not given an official Chiari dx b/c I didn't have "characteristic headaches" but I was told I probably had EDS and went to Dr. F in Maryland... she confirmed the EDS dx as hypermobile or maybe classical with mild skin findings.... anyways enough of the update

I am also 28 weeks pregnant.

Lately I can not bend over with out feeling like my head is going to explode... the pressure builds up so quickly and is unbearable. When I stand up the pressure goes down but leaves me with a yucky headache for a short while... feels like a vice squeezing my head.

The headaches/pressure don't seem to last too long, but after bending over so many times by the end of the day I have a pressure headache that is dull and won't go away and starts to hurt/more pressure with slighter movements.

I have a 20 month old boy which is why I have to bend down all the time... plus I am in the process of moving... blah! I really don't feel stressed... so I doubt it is stress really... just when I bend down :/

Anyone got any advice? Are these "chiari -like"?

I have to be re-evaluated at TCI after the birth of this baby as they think my low lying cerebral tonsils (1-2 mm) are probably caused by the EDS.

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  Hi...it does sound like it could be related to the EDS...u could have a retroflex odontoid which can cause the pain u described. Since u r pregnant I am sure there is not too much the dr can do....I  wonder if Dr F in Baltimore could suggest or rx a neck brace to see if this helps.Those with EDS have an issue with cranial instability.

Ask if the neck brace is something that could be helpful.

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I know this is an old post but I took a look at your MRI and I agree with selmaS... It looks like you have a "retroflexed odontoid." Did they tell you that at TCI??
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