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remedies for your headaches?

I'm trying to not take my pain medication unless it gets unbearable. But even after surgery i have nagging headaches nearly every day, but they definitely aren't as intense so I'm thankful for that. My doctor just tells me to take Tylenol or ibprofen first then resort to my pain meds if it doesn't go away. But i take up to 4 Tylenol or ibprofen at a time just about twice a day. usually lessens it but doesn't go away. I know its not good to take that much Tylenol, anyone else have any other options that help with their headaches?
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My first attempt at reducing the pain is a menthol rub and ice packs. For some reason, the cold helps me. If that doesn't work, Advil. Then a few hours later, i may try Fioricet. It helps me know because my pain levels are so low. Since I have done acupuncture, I have virtually no pain days anymore.
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I am doing the same thing.  I had a terrible drug interaction (tramadol + sertraline).  I feel like I am still withdrawing from that toxicity.

But hydrocodone makes me nauseous.   I quit taking sertraline (Zoloft) because it doesn't go well with Hydrocodone either.  
Zoloft did help with nausea & appetite though.

Sooo, I'm trying to just take ibuprofen, but the sleep dr. (today) wants me to try a small dose of mirtazepine nightly, because pain is worse then.  I said 2 wks & that is all I will give it.  He is referring me to another sleep dr too.  Jeez, all i do is wake up all night long.  (no apnea or RLS).

If I become a chronic pain patient (instead of a 7mo. post op Chiari pt), I will go back on Gabapentin, which I tolerated very well, in a small dose.
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I'm trying to wait until i get my taxes in before i go back to the doctor so ill have money cause he's in Dallas. I'm not working right now so its hard. I think i had tired topamax before i had surgery. But i haven't tried it since. I'm on fiorecet with codeine tight now
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I also have often had a nagging headache post-surgery (nothing like before, but I'd still rather not have it) and am currently trying Diamox Sequels to reduce my high ICP. I'm on a half-dose now and it seems to help with the headache without causing the unpleasant side effects that the full dose caused.

I assume that you've had a repeat MRI to make sure that you don't have a leak, pseudomeningocele, etc.?
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  Hi...well I can say that TOPAMAX helps greatly in changing the type of HA u get and once in a blue moon when needed Ibuprofen does help.....I know u do not want meds, I didn't either but I have not had my TOPAMAX since b4 Christmas and I am going nutz as I had HA's all under control....

U may want to see what may be causing ur HA's...for me I know it is  my EDS and instability and  TCS.....once u know it may be easier to know how to deal with it...as I said for me the TOPAMAX works and it helps put off more surgery.
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