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sleep apnea

those of you that have it along with chiari, do you have central or obstructive?
i'm young and of normal weight and the doc said i have obstructive....
it doesn't run in my family that i know of so i'm trying to figure this one out lol
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yes, i have a copy but it's not with me right now. i'll be able to look at it tonight though. i do remember that the majority were hypopneas. there were 2 centrals which he said was normal and there was a decent number of obstructives if i'm remembering correctly. my oxygen levels stayed in the normal range.
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Thrice...did you get a copy of your sleep study?  Your sleep study will tell you how many obstructive apneas, central apneas, hypopneas, and RERA's (respiratory effort related arousals).  I have almost all RERA's and 7 Hypopneas and am technically "UARS - Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome."  If you have the report, that can help a lot in determining which.  
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