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something intersting we found out

I wanted to post this and share it with everyone. My daughter who has the chiari went to see the neurosurgeon yesterday. I thought that we would be talking about surgery. She had vestibular testing done and everything came back normal. I assumed that that meant that her dizziness and vertigo was coming from the chiari malformation. he explained that "usually" not always something would have come back abnormal if it was from the chiari. This is her main problem. Anyway he is sending us to another pediatric neruologist. He wants her to be checked by this man because he said that there are certain kinds of migraines that do not cause pain but the person can experience dizzinress and vertigo. I was not aware of this. When i think of migraines i think of pain. Sure enough I was doing some research myself and found this out. Some other symptoms were tingling and things like that.
I know many people here experience the same things so I wanted to pass this onfo on.
I really like this surgeon that we have. He wants to be sure before we start talking about surgery that he has ruled other possiblities out. He feels that if he is going to do the surgery he wants to have a good result. If the dizziness is not helped by this other doctor than we will discuss the surgery. I am so pleased that he is not rushing but trying things before we just say OK lets do the surgery and hope for the best.
I hope that some of this info we found out may be helpful to someone looking for some answers.
Hope everyone has a happy, healthy new year.
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Thanks for the info....I did read that there can be painless migraines...and that the symptoms can be light or noise intolerance......vertigo.....ect.

I am glad to hear u found a dr u r comfortable with and like his plan of action as well!!

This info is appreciated as I am sure not all r aware of the different types of migraines.

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I'm not very familiar with Chiari Malformation but I am quite familiar with migraines.  I have been having migraines since I was 8, which is about 30 years.  I have experienced migraines where I thought that I would never make it til the next day as the pressure in my head was so extreme that I thought my veins would explode.  I also get a lot of "optical" migraines which range from the blindness,tunnel vision, streamers, stars, distortion, imbalance, etc. all without pain.  These optical migraines started after I had my child.  I still get the painful full blown migraines but the optical migraines are more common with me.  From what my doctor told me, the migraines are not true migraines because they are related/symptom of the Chiari.  I was told for years that "they were all in my head".  At least they had part of it correct.

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Hi and welcome to the chiari forum.
I am glad u found us, but for the resons u sought us out.

We all seem to have the same story...drs that don't listen and the "it's all in ur head" is the only thing most of them get right!

I  hope u cand find out more on ur condition here and find the support these warm people have shared with me.

Do u know if u have a CSF blockage?....or how long ur herniation is?

Please start a new thread of ne questions u may have.

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