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Does anyone ever have numbness in there face? And have trouble opening things?  Ex: I can't open jars or things like string cheese, slimjim wrappers.
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  Yup....to all of  it....I need to  use  a bottle opener to open a flip top on  chocolate  syrup....lol....upper  body weakness  to  the  extreme...

I also  had numbness....on different areas  and  had it  on  my   face  from  time  to  time with my  face  dropping at the time  it felt numb....
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Yep. That's why the first symptoms I had I thought I was having a stroke. It comes and goes. Sometimes more right sometimes the left.

The hand weakness and tremors also come and go. And change up sides. Legs are mostly right side. Very hard to explain to dr's.

I haven't had drooping but feels more like it creeps over me. And like Novocain was rubbed on my skin. Makes me "twitchy" I have to concentrate very hard to do simple tasks  that I used to take for granted.
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Yes same here, it comes and goes very hard to explain how I feel to people. And nothing helps but going to sleep even though I wake up feeling the same way most of the time.
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