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?syrinx vs prominent central canal - thoracic spine

Selma always tells us to get our reports and I do.  So i'm rereading my mri of Tspine from 2007 and it says " there is a thin linear high signal density structure along the central aspect of the thoracic cord that i believe most likey just represents a prominent central canal rather than syrinx"  so what does that mean?  I also have osteoarthritis with spurs throughout the spine.

Anybody have this conflicting info on a MRI before?  I was 35 when it was taken.  

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Hi...I may be wrong, but it sounds like ur spinal cord itself is larger in that area.....y, I have no idea.....there r some that have a split in them causing something similar to this

RAY.....where r u....u have something like that??? It is possible to have a syrinx with in the canal.....

Is this similar?

Sorry, I just added to ur questions : )


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Just taking a stab at it...but from what I understand is that your spinal canal has been widened due to the pressure but hasn't actually formed a pooling of fluids (syrinx). Though I think if you have the one, it can be a good indicator that you most likely will have the other sooner or later.

I found this:
Presyrinx." In the setting of altered CSF flow, as with a Chiari I malformation, fluid in the subarachnoid space is subjected to increased pressure (thick vertical arrow). Net CSF flow is into the spinal cord parenchyma; however, because the central canal is not patent,  fluid cannot accumulate within the central canal and, therefore, diffuses through the cord parenchyma (stippled area), resulting in cord enlargement and edema.
Hopefully that helps??


PS (parenchyma is the essential tissue of an organ/structure)
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The thoracic spine is the narrowest part of the spine, bone spurs can Cause a split in the cord. the cord develops around the spur causing what is a "Split Cord Syndrome" or Malformation. There is some evidence of links between Split Cord &  tethered cord syndrome. Bone spurs can compress the cord causing problems.....

In your report they talk about a prominent central canal V a Syrinx.
For the first few months of life the center of the Spinal cord is hollow, it eventually closes. Some Doctors argue that it dose not close completely and this is why a Syrinx develops, the CSF enters the center that was hollow and forms a cyst. Either way it is an abnormality that needs to be explained.  

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This may be of interest to you :)

This Doctor dose not accept the concept of a central canal.....

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Thank you for all of the replies, and I'm glad I saved my reports.  Rod44 great info and this has helped me so much.

They did do a follow up one in 2008 and it just has 2 sentences and says essentially unremarkable!  does not mention the bone spurs which i assume don't go away, or the osteoarthrosis which i also didn't think would just disappear.  All it says is subtle loss of signal mid  thoracic discs.  Can you believe the difference in radiologists?  Same company, but 2 different imaging centers so 2 different radiologists read these, omg.  can bone spurs and osteoarthrosis go away?
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You have heard the saying, doctors differ patients die.

bone spurs and osteoarthritis dont go away without treatment, osteoarthritis is a degenerative illness.......

It sounds like they are unsure about just what is going on with you.
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