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this can't be symptoms of stress!

I have not felt well for an entire year.  I have been to the Dr and had test run (for peace of mind) always being sent home saying its "stress".  The last 3 months I have had more severe symtpoms, my left arm is so numb and tingly is is difficult to use at times, my left eye has had a sever twitch and pain for 3 months and lest my left leg has started the numbing, these all go along with SEVER neck and shoulder pain.  I have 2 kids under 2 and work full time as well taking on 100% financial responsabilty for my family due to my husband starting his own buisness.  The Dr didn't take me serious due to my personal life, I could NOT take stress as an answer anymore.  I started to have anxiety and more stress becasue I thought I was crazy that noone believed me.  I also feared that it was something that woul kill me!  I was told they thought I had MS after they finally reviewed my chart.  I found out yesterdaqy that I do NOT have MS but they think I have Chiari.  I have not officially been diagnosed, seeing a nuero surgeon on Monday.  Has anyone received any treatment that gave you physical relief with out the brain surgery?  I would really like to try everything possible before going to surgery.  I guess I need to see how many mm I am and go from there.  Just looking for some info, kind of freaking out.  Thanks
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Hi and welcome to the chiari forum.

Please be prepared  for the possibility that the NS may dismiss u also.It happens all the time with chiari.There are not enuff well informed drs in the area of chiari and related conditions.

You will want to have MRI's of ur complete spine and rule out the possibility of syringomyelia (syrinx) or tethered cord.U also want to be sure that u do not have a CSF blockage...it is more important than the size at this point.

Please read the poem by Dr Oro at the top of the forum-it will give u hope that u can find a dr that understands.

As to relief without surgery- the decompression in particular, that is something a chiari specialist can help u with...they do not always opt for the surgery.There are meds that they may rx.

Try and relax and know u r not alone...we all have felt like u do at one time or another.

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I completely understand how you are feeling. My symptoms started right after 911 and the Doctors at UVa first thought it was due to stress. However when I lost the ability to walk and the pain of my headache became unbearable they ran tests and discovered I had Chiari Malformation. After 3 months of rehab, (physcial, speech and ocupational) I learned how to relax (stress doesnt help) and most important I took what I learned in rehab and now use it daily. The last three years have been not so good for me. My headaches come more often and I lose strength in my arms and blalnce is off sometimes but I always refer back to my rehab exercises and the things I learned there. The most important thing I can tell you is not to stress about this condition. I raised three young daughters through this by myself. Make sure you have a doctor who will listen to you. That is the most important thing.
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I got a year of pill-pushing doctors trying to give me Xanax or antidepressant medication because clearly my symptoms were psychosomatic in origin. Finally, presumably to get me to go away, my orthopedic doctor prescribed a lumbar MRI.

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Hi sweetie,

Been going through the same thing with docs here myself, all I can say is keep trying. Don't let them make you feel like you are crazy. Don't let them tell you that just because most Chiari patients are asymptomatic you must be too. You know your body and what is or isn't normal for you to be feeling. I almost gave up, but then I realized that if I don't kick scream and do whatever else I have to do to get them to listen to me then they are just as happy to hand me another incorrect diagnosis and shuffle me off to someone else. So do what you have to to get their attention and keep it. If they still don't listen, find another dr who will. Remember, you are the one that is paying them, not the other way around

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