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types of exercises w/ Chiari Malformation

Hello everyone!
I will be quick w/ my story.  2001-pressure headaches that put me in the hospital w/ MS symptoms.  Neuros just gave me meds.  1 doc said I had a stroke, 1 doc diagnosed "Complicated Migraines".  2009 started taking 800mg/ IB 3x/day because I didn't feel "well".  Oct. 2011 went in for eyeglasses, Opthmologist said something "didn't look right." after a 2nd look at another Eye Doc, same thing. He referred me to a Neuro. after cervical spine MRI(ok), and then in April Brain MRI, they diagnosed me w/ a 3mm chiari malformation.  2nd opinion, same thing, except that 2 of my symptoms are due to part of the brain being damaged(from what? we don't know).  At this point surgery is out of the question for me. But now I get to "deal with" my new limits.  Which we are still figuring out my limits.  My doc has up'd my meds for the rest of the summer.  The humidity(Michigan) & heat don't mix well with me. I will step outside and w/in 10min, the pressure in my head is building w/ the hum/heat.  I don't take any narcodics for the pain since I work part-time(afternoon) & I have 2 young kids.  My question is...I would like to be running or doing some intense workouts to work my core, but I'm not sure what is safe.  I have had 2-csections, 1-hysterectomy(2009-when I kept on w/ the IB).  I am not overweight at all, but would still like to work on my core & just be "healthy".  Any suggestions since sit-ups & lifting anything heavier than a milkjug is a "No" for me.  I can't even pick up my kids anymore.  God has brought me to this, and He will bring me through it(even though the mornings are rough :)  Blessings everyone & thank you in advance for the help.
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

My NL suggested The Feldenkrais Method to help with posture and core...and we do have some exercises we post Fall thru spring, that u can look at  and see if ne of them r helpful to u, but they r not really core type exercises...I would suggest the Feldenkrais Method as a way to help.
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How about yoga?  
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  Some positions in yoga r not really good for those of us with Chiari....some of the basics r not bad, but u have to realize the bending of the neck to look up or down may cause an issue.
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