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who else is exhausted?!

i have had no energy at all for the past few weeks. im tired, have no strength at ALL in my hands, my legs get so tired they literally collapse under me! what the heck is going on here? i dont know if its because i have been sick or what. but its not normal. it seems lately all i do is sleep.
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  Fatigue is a mainstay symptom of Chiari...we do not get restorative sleep...never feel refreshed and many have insomnia.

If u were sick it may have caused a flare of symptoms to hit u all at once, but what u r talking about is all Chiari related.

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Wow. That makes so much sense to me. I'm forever tired no matter how much sleep I get. I have found lotion & bath foam at Bath & body it does help me sleep longer.
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  With my meds I was RX'd this summer I was told to take antihistamines
I have a non drowsey formula to take during the day, and I take the reg one that causes drowsiness b4 bed and it helps me sleep much better.

Is ur lotion a lavender scent? Lavender is a calming scent even used for dogs in a stressful situation....
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I too never feel rested, have insomia but am always tired and some daydalls I can do is sleep. Its a never endin vicous cycle. I can barely make it to mailbox and back
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Same here completly tired. I took a bath with my DH sitting by the tub, because every time I takes bath I fall asleep in it. But I was so much in pain that I still took one and my DH woke me up to tell me that I sleeped a good 10 min in the bath.

I still walk around the house like I never get sleep, Believe me I sleeped 8h last night.

Always so tired.
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Its called Aromatherapy Sleep, Honey vanilla dream Lullaby & good night. It says A delicate blend of Essential oils mingles with warm honey & soothing vanilla for sweet dreams. I paid around 3.00 dollars for it on sale. Full price is 14.00 which I would buy! I have fell in love with it. My legs cramp really bad & i rub it on & it eases.
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Yes, Fatigue  seems to be a constant battle. Some nights I can sleep sound or  I think I do only to wake feeling as if I have gotten no real rest at all. I also am tired all the time, my husband makes comments about this and says, you would sleep all the time if you could! But he's right I never feel completely refreshed from sleep. Hats off to you Chiari! lol
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