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5-year-old twins having difficulty adjusting to school

I had been a stay-at-home-mom to my five-year-old son and daughter (twins) since they were born.  They're almost six now and have never attended daycare or preschool.  They started Kindergarden this year (in seperate classes) and have both had some trouble adjusting.  My son has gotten in trouble for not keeping his hands to himself (non-aggressive) and has been acting up and fooling around frequently during class.  My daughter will not follow all the teacher's instructions, talks back, and is very disruptive.  Both were disciplined with time-outs.  I was told they were getting a tiny bit better, but still cannot understand why they behave this way when they are well-behaved at home.  Because of the difficulty they've had, they now tell me they don't like going to school at all because they're always getting in trouble.  There's no problems with them interacting with the other students, just authority figures.  Did I make a mistake by not putting them in some form of a more structured environment before sending them off to school?  What can I do to help them adjust?      
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In Other Countrys very often children stay home with thier Moms till they go to school and only have a ceragiver and others do go to a pre school but there is not so much Emphasis as there is here. I think you did well and will have a very close bond with your children ,always, you kept them with you in those important formative years. I think they will settle down at school and it sounds as if the School is taking the quite right Tac of giving them timeouts,when they need.It is possible they are trying to get more attention at school, and if they are Normal exurberant children may be doing a little "showing off" You can talk to them about it but play it down I think it will take care of itself.I assume the school has plenty of activitys for them so they are not Bored.
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I teach elementary school. Twins are very close as you know. It is probably the first time in their lives they have been apart for so many hours at a time. This has to be hard for them. Twins, in my opinion, have a harder time adjusting b/c of being apart from one another. However, when they do adjust, the idea is that it will help them to be themselves and not just the other twin. I feel they will adjust. Just give it some time. Please don't compare w/ other students. Others are not being separated from a twin as well as the familiarity of being home with mom.
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