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Visitation schedules and behavior problems

I am currently in the process of getting a court ordered visitation schedule with my lil ones father. He was mostly absent in his life for the first two years.  At almost age 2.5 he started requesting to spend time with him after the state became involved with child support. Although the original motive might not have been great, it was a good thing for my lil one as he was finally spending time with his child. The problem now is that he is on a path to try to reduce support by going after 50/50 custody. And although I am very happy my lil one has finally gotten to know the other half of the family which includeds two step brothers. The transition has been really difficult. I allowed my self to get pushed into giving more visitation than i really felt was good for my lil one out of fear he would try to get joint. We currently have a thurs - monday schedule 2 times with in the 2 week period of time he is home. (he works out of town for two weeks a month). By the end of this schedule its very emotionally stressfful to my lil one.  On several instances has even regressed and had poop and pee accidents. My lil one has been fully potty trained since age two. Had a similiar happening the first time i had to go out of state for training. That time my lil one was with their grandparents who have a very close relationship to my lil one. And even then around day 5 or so there was pooping accidents.

Has anyone else seen these type of regressions? Are there ways to try and make the transition easier with less stress when the non primary parent isnt easy to work with?
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I am not surprised you are having problems this sounds too much for a 2year old and your original gut feeling was best ,I see there are 2 step children perhaps they are older than your child and there could be some rough housing or overwhemling behavior.It would be best for your child to be with you the majority of the time at this age,  yes it is good he sees his Dad but there could be some dynamics going on that are upsetting him  its the child that is important , my opinion is, whilst he is this  young he stays with you most  , which ever way to figure it out.they may all be kind folks  but if something is going on to cause upset you are enabling it by sending him aaa,it could also get worse ..Good luck
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